Sunday, February 26, 2012

Month Twenty-Five Letter

My Madster,

Today you are 25 months old. And you are WELL into the terrible of the terrible twos. Today wasn't so bad, but your determined nature plus teething plus amazingly loud lungs equals really crazy loud meltdowns. Frequently. Well, daily. And they are so hard to see, as your mom. The normal frustrated tantrums are fine. It's our job to set boundaries, it's your job to find them and push at them. But when a tantrum spirals into that place where you forget why you are upset and are just awash in the sadness and anger and fear... that breaks my heart. I hold you, rock you, lose hearing and hope that the meltdown ends soon. As my tears fall.

But the rest of the time? YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME. You are so smart and funny and responsive and engaged. You LOVE to sit with us and watch videos on the computer. You randomly call out requests. Funny-man. Squirrel song. SQUARE. One-two-three. Fire truck. And we find that video. Much of the time you do ask for things we know. Wiggles. Max and Ruby. Diego. Little People. DOODLEBOPPSSS (emphasis on the last syllable). Wow, the Doodlebops are a much loved show right now. I was quite sad to know that they are no longer together, and we'll never be able to take you to a concert. We are going to take you to gymnastics though. Your first extracurricular activity! Today some friends asked us what activities we hope you'll one day get involved in. And our first response was "whatever she wants". Then? Well, singing and music and soccer and dance and brownies and... Well, whatever you want.

What if you want a programming class? Maybe you maybe are too electronically engaged. But your parents are geeks, we are on our computers and you see and want to join us. It's going to be interesting to balance the general philosophy of no screen time being best for kids against our lifestyle. But we'll figure it out, as a family. As a strong and committed and loving family.

Maddy, Madster, Nunu, Mad-delicious, my love... Happy 25 months! And I look forward to decades upon decades more months to celebrate the amazing you are.

Lots of love,