Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures - with disclaimers

I'll start with disclaimers. I am apparently negligent in my mirror washing, so the splashes of who knows what on the mirror will be cleaned before any other pics are posted. However, I have completely run out of care today, and I just want to get these up. And also, it's 1030pm on a school night. I should be in bed already. And... well. It's pictures and I hate pictures! Oh, and the door with no casing behind me? On the list of things to get done this winter. Enough excuses... THE BUMP PICTURES!

Week 22 plus 3 days

Head on, I am thicker through the waist but then from the side? I am HUGE. I am only HALF WAY done! And I may have kind of been sucking my my stomach, from some strange habit when a camera comes out... Women are weird.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 21 +7 days (or 22 weeks)

Let me start by saying, I had so much more written. Some of it verging on amusing. Then somehow something old published and I lost everything else, leaving incomplete garbage online. Then I got frustrated and figured I'd write later. Well, it's later!

EDIT: And today (once I do my hair) I"ll be posting a bump picture, just to show how much I am carrying all the way out. *grin*


Well, I started this when I was at 21 weeks. Now? Now I am days past that! In fact, make that 7 days passed that... which actually makes this week 21 AND 22, all in one. Efficient, huh? Or... maybe not. Life gets busy, I get lazy (savouring my last few lazy days) and the blog goes unloved. Although much of life is revolving around the main attraction of this blog, Sprout.

We did some car seat/stroller shopping last weekend. We picked out the car seat/stroller combo we're going to go for, initially. It's pretty large (they all seem to be) but folds down small and takes one hand to collapse. That part will be nice. And the colour are not hideous (just kinda meh). Brown and green plaids. We picked it up last Wednesday. Our first major Sprout purchase... We also ordered the samples for the rug in Sprouts room (FLOR rug-tiles, just in case there is staining). We're going to be stalking kijiji etc for a used crib or watching for sales at stores. We need the crib and mattress, the glider chair, change table and maybe a dresser/bookshelf. And then ALL the little things!

Although we're not planning a shower until January (first or second week, mark it in your calendars!) we got our FIRST GIFT! Elaine and Chris sent us some absolutely adorable clothes (onsies and jeans and a little blouse). I stood in the kitchen staring for awhile, just touching the clothes. Our person, our DAUGHTER will be wearing those clothes one day soon. And just to know that a friend was thinking of the three of us, and sent such a gorgeous gift. Well, I may have gotten a bit teary and a LOT thankful for the wonderful people in my life. Damn, I am a lucky woman. And thank you Elaine!

Today we went to our first baby-swap-meet. No, we don't swap out embryos. It was a huge garage sale in a hall, where we could look at cute (although sometimes stained) baby/kid clothes. We got a huge bag of stuff for Sprout and a toy or two. But if Sprout isn't a girl? I hope he likes pink...

We also looked at a car. It's a little scary, making a car purchase and hoping it's the right choice. But we like the vehicle, it'll work well for a kid and a car seat (we think) and the price is reasonable. Still have to take it to the mechanic for an inspection (more money to spend!) but then Neil can see if the car seat fits in the back seat. They current owners say it does, I am cautious and want to check. And it's a fabulous shade of burnt orange. On the edge of tacky... but not quite!

I know we're getting into the later stages of the pregnancy because the fruits/veggies stop being weekly and are every few weeks. I think the author (from "The Bump" - citing is good!) was just running out of food, personally.
She is getting longer, heavier. She has little eyelashes and eyebrows and fingernails. She working on her sleep cycle, sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day. Other times? She's moving around like a little jumping bean! At a movie last week, she was being active. I took Neil's hand and placed it on my belly, and held it there hoping he could feel her. Well, she was either very amused or not amused... she kicked his hand. In fact, it was so hard that I actually jumped from the surprise. He wasn't sure he felt it, but soon it will be unmistakable.

She's filling out more and getting more and more ready to come out and play. Meanwhile, I am getting larger and larger as she grows. I am HUGE already. Head on, I look pretty normal (my waist just a bit bigger). From the side? WATCH OUT! I read about the fact there is supposed to be a "small roundness" to the abdomen. Well, I am a beach ball. A beach ball that keeps running into walls and people and counters and... You get the picture. So far I haven't taken anyone out. So far...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 20 (plus 4 days)

We have a revised due date, moved to January 30, 2010. Which makes perfect sense, if you look at the day I thought I got pregnant, which was May 9th. Why do I believe it was THAT day? On May 12 we (me, Neil, mom and dad) were driving out to my uncle's funeral, about 1 hour out of town. As we were driving I began to get sleepy and put my head back to rest. I must have dozed off slightly because I woke up abruptly with the thought that I was pregnant. I mean, the idea entered my head and I was CONVINCED of it. To the point that I almost blurted out to my parents and Neil "Hey, guess what? I am pregnant!". I fully woke up and realized I must have been dreaming, because I was not pregnant! That would be silly. Well, according to the ultrasound, I was was pregnant that day. Just barely pregnant.

I didn't have much for symptoms that first month, I didn't have any reason to believe that I was pregnant. I think my irregular cycle wasn't even really late when I peed on the stick. The reason I bought the test was only because I had that feeling, that one day. It was just too certain to ignore.

I believed almost fully that I would see "not pregnant" flash on the digital screen. My first cogent thought was "where's the NOT? WHERE IS THE NOT??!" Then I ran down the stairs, mouth gaping open, waving my stick in the air to tell the new Dad. Then, being the geeks we are, we went to a bookstore. To buy a book, to do some research. Step 2 was tell my parents. Step 3 was to buy preggo vitamins. I'll document my parent's reactions later.

And about 16 weeks after that fateful pee, here we are! Half way through this part of the journey and we are both doing really well.

20 weeks (plus 4 days). A CANTALOUPE. A freaking canatloupe... that is a HUGE fruit

One reason for the huge jump in size? We're now measuring Sprout from head to toes, not head to rump like before. And now Sprout is pretty proportionate to how she'll be at birth. Just a LOT smaller. She's swallowing amniotic fluid for practice (and thus tasting the foods I eat too) and starting to work out her digestive system. Her bones are starting to ossify, she's just plugging along on the whole growing into a person that can live outside my body.

We have booked the prenatal class (in December and January) although we're on a waitlist for an earlier one (if there is a cancellation). I'll be in a class on my 35th birthday... what a way to celebrate! We have also started researching everything we're going to need in a more serious way. Such as car seats and and I ordered my first baby item - a swaddling blanket! And now just 9000 more items to get... But we're heading to a baby garage sale next weekend and hope to stock up on a few more things then.

Well, I guess I'll update on Saturday, when I am 21 weeks. This week FLEW by *wink*

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We are married!

And the strangest thing about being married? It feels no different than before *grin*.

But the day was wonderful, there was only one thing that went wrong (the restaurant gave away our reserved room, because of a mis-communication) but we ended up still eating there, just in the main dining room, and annoying everyone around us with our loud chatting and laughing. It was small, low key, completely informal and I think the right kind of wedding for guy marrying a gal 19 weeks knocked up. We're talking about having a full-blown all family and friends party next September, to celebrate one year of marriage and Sprout. But there just wasn't the time or the money to get something put together for this year.

There are so many memories I want to capture, but I am not sure this blog is the right place to do it. But, either way, we are now the Birch family!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 19 and WEDDING DAY!

Today, Neil and I are getting married. I woke up single, and will be going to bed a Mrs. And I am so excited! We think we have everything ready to go. The location, the officiant, the dress (which still barely fits), the suit, the flowers, the favours, the reception site, the liquor for drinks at our place... we think we have it all! Although I am not sure where in the pyramid we'll have the ceremony. Nor am I sure how we'll start dad walking me down the "aisle". But otherwise I think we have it covered. Now just to remember the rings and license.

This morning Neil went and got me a Transcend latte, to give me that little boost of caffeine to make it through the day. Well, at least through the hair apointment. Why do I need this boost? Well, I have a cold. Or swine flu... the swab results aren't back yet.

Last weekend Neil and I went to a conference in Seattle, PAX, and upon returning we found out there was a confirmed case of swine flu at the conference. And with me being pregnant, and at a higher risk of complications from swine flu, as soon as we found out we called my OB and she brought us in immediately and swabbed me (a very long and skinny swab, through the NOSE to the back of the throat, which tickled like CRAZY!) and started me on Tamiflu, as a precaution. She said if I was any sicker, that I may have had to have been hospitalized... luckily I am getting better, feeling ok now and thus just have the medication. And have warned the guests about the slim chance that I have swine flu. Otherwise the adults will be there. While I am feeling better, my nose is RED and SWOLLEN and PEELING, which is a very attractive look, for a wedding. But it's just the way things go for us.

Oh! Another "Birch-ism", once we returned home, I was putting things away in the shower and moving the curtains must have disturbed the wasp sleeping there. Who proceeded to sting me THREE times on the left Achilles Heel, right where the back of my shoes would go. We're hoping I will be able to wear the shoes I bought... I don't want to know if I can't. Yet.

Time has elapsed, my hair is done (it looks beautiful!) and the shoes were tried on and can be worn! WOO HOO! But I have to also say, my fabulous hairdresser bought a vase of flowers and daisies for me, as a wedding gift. What a wonderful gesture!! The wedding favours are in bags, with matching tissue paper on top. The menus are printed out and on cardboard, for easier reading. The alcohol is sitting on the dining room table, maybe it should be in the kitchen? Near the ice? Just waiting to be able to put on my makeup and then the dress...

Well, maybe I should take a break from the wedding play-by-play and mention someone important - Sprout! Our little girl is now 19 weeks along (almost half way done!) On the way back home, we ran into my dad's accupuncturist at the airport, Dr Ng, who also confirmed Sprout is a girl (my pulse is stronger on the right side, this means I am havig a girl). It's strange, I am more confident about the gender with his prediction than I was with the ultrasound. But I am now sure, we're having a little girl! Yesterday Dr. Loiselle listened to Sprout's heartbeat again, a solid 150 BPM, and she seems to be just fine (no effects from the cold) and the ultrasound came back with everything looking a-ok! It's so reassuring to hear the woosh-woosh of her heartbeat, it makes me know she's ok. And I am feeling some movement. Not a lot, not very hard but I can feel her kicking and punching and that always brings a smile to my face. When I say she's moving Neil tries to feel it, he reaches out and touches my belly. But it's just too soon to feel it from the outside. But when he can... it's really an amazing feeling to have physical proof of the existence of your child!

Week 19 is MANGO! Our little girl is about the size of a mango. And growing larger all the time

And I know this next statement is going to sound wrong, but I think I am losing weight with this pregnancy. I weighed myself the morning after we found out. Since that day, June 2 2009 when I was just 5 weeks along, I have only gained 9 pounds. I am a LOT larger in the belly area, but I think the rest of me is shrinking. This is NOT a bad thing, since I really was overweight to start, but it really proves to me eating often (seemingly all the time) but small amounts and trying to eat more fruits and veggies actually WORKS for losing weight!! Although the one complaint? The pregnancy clothes I bought to get me through? Are starting to be too big...

OK, the hour of marriage approaches and I should double check the house and start on the make-up. I bought fake eyelashes for the first time... wish me luck so that I don't glue my eyes shut! Oh c'mon... you know that is something I would do!

More after we're man and wife (and Sprout)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're having a GIRL! Probably...

Today was THE ultrasound. Never mind the analysis for any potential problems or measuring the baby. We wanted to know the GENDER! And we are thinking it's a girl! Well, the tech (who was a tad harsh and militant) said she couldn't see any boy parts, which makes her think it is a girl but she can't be certain. Neil has said so all along and it looks like he was right. Well, at least for now we're running with Sprout being female, and thus pink and purple stuffs. And no yellow! This is going to sound so superficial but for some reason I have developed a huge distaste (akin to hate) for the colour yellow. And generally if a person does not know the gender, they get yellow things. Yellow. BAH!

BTW, I am getting really good at peeing just a portion of my bladder out, for these ultrasounds, in case you were wondering. Which I am sure you were not...

But the doctor looked at the images and didn't raise any concerns with the tech or come talk to us about anything. We see my doctor on September 16th (at 20 weeks) and then I can get the full report.

And we're at 18 weeks now. Almost half way there! This week's veggie is a sweet potato. This pic for the sweet potato is ANYTHING but sweet. It's frankly hairy and scary. But our little (likely) girl will hopefully not be that way.

Otherwise there is the same old "I feel really good for the most part" song and dance. There was a day and a half where I felt pretty icky, but that passed. And I get tired much more easily and move more slowly. And I continue to grow outwards. But I feel good! And Neil is so excited about having a daughter.

We're heading for Seattle tomorrow bright and early. And luckily mom and dad will be at the house, to babysit the dogs. So we'll be having fun with our little girl and the folks care for our existing boys. Then next Wednesday we're getting hitched! On Sprout's 19th week. Well, it's all been a bit backwards. We planned the "honeymoon" in March, got pregnant in May, decided to get married in July, having the honeymoon Sept 3-7th, the wedding Sept 9th and the babe Feb 3rd. But you know, this wrong order? It somehow fits for us, the Birch family.