Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 17 plus 1

I am now 17 weeks pregnant. Sprout is 15 weeks along. There are many things I learned this journey, 2 of the weirdest are that you are considered pregnant for 2 weeks before conception and that gestation is really 10 months long. Although there is one more that is weird, but in a less "let's lie about time" way... this is the one and only time a person can have 2 souls inside them.

17 weeks. Sprout now has finger nails and toe nails and has their very own fingerprints! And is an onion. An onion? There must be a nicer fruit/veggie than that...

Well, this is also the wedding version of this blog! We're T minus 13 days until Neil and I get married. And it's only today that Neil finally realized that the wedding has so little to do with the desires bride and groom and so much more to do with the family and friends. I learned that long ago as I watched so many friends go through a wedding. We have the locations (Muttart for ceremony, drinks at our place after the ceremony and Characters for dinner), the dress (at the tailor - a simple shift dress), Neil's suit (an exisiting one, at the tailor being hemmed - yes, the pants were actually too long!), the rings, the officiant, the license, the flowers (silk ones), the manicure appointments, the hair stylist, and the guests have been invited. What was supposed to be 4 (me, Neil, my mom and dad) is now 16. Oh well, close enough! And thankfully the largest cold sore ever seen came to me 2 weeks before the wedding, instead of 2 days. Wow, this is a nasty one! But I am just looking forward to the date coming, to getting married to the man I love and starting the 5 months of being a married couple, before we become a family of three.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another week down!

We're moving closer and closer to the half way mark! 16 weeks already. And... AVOCADO! Although The Bump must buy bigger avocados than I do. Mine tend to be smaller than a navel orange (last week). Now I am craving avocado...

Sprout is moving onto 5 inches long. And I may feel the kicking soon! Unless I did and it wasn't gas... I wish I knew. The most fun new development? Sprout can hear. This is when those "perfect" parents buy special earphones to place on mom's belly so that they can play the alphabet and classical music to the baby to give them a head start in school. I figure that we aren't going to start that level of pressure soon, but maybe I'll have to give up my recently developed love for really bad pop music. Although I still call it a pregancy symptom because there is no way that I could enjoy Lady Gaga that much without crazy hormones! I am a better person that that (I hope).

I have to admit, Sprout is NOT helping me create anything good to blog about. The most "interesting" thing is my fears that because this is SUCH a good pregnancy that something must have to go wrong. Yup. I am the optimist! But other than being tired at about 3pm and going to bed earlier, not sleeping as well... and the growing belly (omg I am getting large!) I am feeling pretty much "normal"*!

I went for a check-up with the doctor today. She's really starting to loosen up with me, not as clinical, which is good. Although I have to admit, she has some of the largest biceps I have EVER seen on a woman. And this morning she must have just worked out because she was pumped and veiny. I would not be surprised if she isn't a body builder, they are just that massive. It's reassuring, though, that if they building should set on fire she could easily pick a very pregnant me up and tear a brick building apart to get to safety.

I got to see the report for the Nuchal Scan. For my age**, the risk is 1 in 415 to have a child with Down Syndrome. Sprout came in at 1 in 1000+. For Trisomy 13 is was 1 in 10,000+, for Trisomy 18 it was in in over 200,000+. While this is not a diagnostic test, the chances are in our favour that Sprout will have none of these chromosomal disorders. We're still not sure if they'll have my dad's nose... *grin*

And I stepped on the scale this morning. It's a little overwhelming to see my weight going up. I know it's for the best reason ever, but I have been too well trained by society not to get anxious at weight gain, no matter the reason. But the doctor didn't seem concerned. And my blood pressure is still on the lower side (108/51). So the moral of the story is: I am doing good, the pregnancy is good, Sprout is good. It's all good!

*I put normal in quotation marks just because normal for me is still somewhat strange to most people. I don't want to mislead here.

** I am old for having a child. Which is weird because I do not feel old enough to be doing this... I AM NOT MATURE ENOUGH YET

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

15 weeks!

We are officially at 15 weeks. Already... And there is still so much left to DO!

And a NEW fruit! Navel orange. No other kind will do, apparently.

If this wasn't my first, I could be feeling movement since I'd know what to feel for. However, I have no CLUE what baby movements feel like and so I am likely missing it. I could possibly be feeling something. When I sit still, and just relax and focus on my baby-area I can sometimes feel flutters, like little bubbles. Chances are, however, that those ARE little bubbles. Gas bubbles...

This pregnancy continues to be easy and relaxing. Although I am sure I am jinxing myself somehow. My mom was apparently great until the 4th month, then heartburn started and took over her life. I hope in this respect I am not like her.

Monday, August 10, 2009

In related news...

It's official. I am shedding my single-ness and becoming a a married girl! While this has been a long time coming, we are now officially getting married and I could not be happier.

We are planning the big day to be Wednesday September 9th, 2009 (09.09.09 - easy to remember!). It will be a very small and casual day. Nothing fancy (no big dress, flowers, attendants) just a simple ceremony that will confirm our commitment to one another.

While the picture is blurry, the ring is gorgeous and perfect for me. Pictures of the big day will also be posted here.

In pregnancy related news. I stepped on the scale this morning, and I am 2 pounds less than I was when I peed on the stick. Which is still healthy, since I was too heavy to start with. But despite the minimal change in numbers, the change in my body? Drastic and fantastic! I am looking more and more pregnant everyday. In fact, I had my first belly touch! While I didn't feel like my personal space was being invaded, I am ok with touch, I did feel bad that all she really touched was my belly fat. The babe is small and tucked mostly in my pelvis still. They are just pushing all the fat upwards and outwards!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 14 (plus one day)

We are now officially moving up fruit sizes and have come to rest on... LEMON.

Not the cutest nor sweetest fruit. But Sprout is sucking his thumb, wiggling his toes, breathing amniotic fuild which is cute and sweet! And Sprout is also officially peeing inside me. The last one is a little strange, but I think it's part of the conditioning I need to deal with the vast amounts of pee (and other such matter) that we'll be dealing with for the first few years of Sprout's life!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good news!

The doctor's office called today. Nuchal scan result are back and we're at low risk for chromosomal disorders! The test isn't 100% accurate (only an amino would be) but at the hospital the doctor said that is there was a greater that 1 in 300 risk the hospital would call and let me know. So it's less that 1 in 300!!

That took a measurable weight off my shoulders. I think there was a little part of me that was worried... I guess I'll always have that little bit of wonder until Sprout comes out and I can see him/her but we're both relieved.

My body is changing daily. I guess this is the time that it all starts to show but the rate of change amazes me. I can sometimes feel my insides moving and shifting to make room for Sprout. And non-preggo pants are just not a viable option right now. I just can't comfortably sit in them. It's just such a fun journey so far!

Almost at 14 weeks. Tomorrow. Wow... in 2 weeks we'll have the early range of when I'll be feeling kicks. We have the U/S for gender in just 6 weeks. Time is FLYING BY!