Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Updated measurements

Monday at the health clinic Maddy was weighed and measured again. And she has an entirely NEW set of percentiles. These ones make so much more sense to me.

Height 90th (23 inches)
Weight 90th (12lbs, 12oz)
Head 90th (still)

She is a large baby. Everyone comments on it, in comparison to babies older than her she's just as large. But not disproportional. Then how was she only 50th percentile for length? And then 75th for weight? Feeling more confident about these new numbers.

Although, with these numbers I realized something. Something that made me beg Maddy to slow DOWN on the growing! My 2 month old (well, 9 week old) is now fitting size 2 diapers! This child better be potty trained quickly, otherwise we'll have her in Depends.

She's changing daily. More and more cooing and babbling. And more smiles! So many smiles from her now. "They" say we should be starting routines. Naps times, wake times, bedtime routines. Well, we're just now getting the idea of taking naps down (I am so sorry I didn't start this sooner, Maddy-moo!). I don't want to start regimenting her yet. And "they" we should soon start trying to get Maddy to sleep in her own room, in her crib. Right now we're the evil parents that have her sleep in her swing during the day, bassinet at night. Again, maybe next week I'll start that chore. It's NOT going to be easy. Maddy fights the sleepz to begin and then put her alone? Not good... So not good!

First vaccinations

Yesterday Maddy-moo had her first set of vaccinations. I think it was harder on me, than on her. Baba was with us, and it may have been the worst for her. But Maddy did so well! We gave her Tylenol about 1 hour before the visit, then had a bottle ready to go as soon as it was done.

I had to hold her sitting up, on my lap. Her one arm was around me, the other I held to her body. Then with my second hand I held her little tiny leg down. And the nurse stuck 2 needles in one leg, 1 in the other. With the first needle there was a squawk and crying. Louder crying with the second one. Then we switched sides and the third needle. That resulted in meltdown. But immediately I held her close, put the bottle in her mouth and she hungrily started eating. We moved to the waiting room, for the 15 minute waiting period. When the bottle was removed the crying started again, so we continued to feed. After 15 minutes the bottle was empty and Maddy was doing OK! Last night she was a bit fussy and had a bit of a fever. But she did amazingly well and so did I. I have this needle-issue... they are icky.

I was worried today would be an off day but so far Maddy has been very normal. She's having her second nap of the day (or is it third?) in her swing. We've had nom noms, some singing, some tummy time, some laying-free-on-her-back time. And interspersed through that are the most perfect Maddy smiles! Soon we're off to the mall briefly and back home to have more noms and play and kisses and songs. And, of course, whatever it takes to get more smiles!

Monday, March 29, 2010

No two in a row

Well, we didn't make it through a full night last night. Back to one night feed (this time at 420am). But really, I can't complain. She's been a once-a-night-feeder almost from the start.

And I accepted something today... our Maddy-moo really is a red-head. I was blonde, Neil was blonder I just assumed that she'd be blonde. I kept saying her hair was dark blonde but no. We have ourselves a little redhead. Which put into perspective the utter meltdown last night (another one over a poo).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our first full night!

My baby-girl? She slept through the night!

We went to bed at about 1130pm. Maddy slept until 7am. That means mom got over 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep!! I am feeling strangely rested... No, really. It's weird.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Month two letter

Dear Maddy,

Two months old. Already! And you have proven yourself to be a girl of extremes. Extremely awake one day, extremely sleepy the next. Extremely grumpy or extremely sweet and adorable. And there are no slow transitions between any of these states. I held you in my arms and you had just finished eating. You were smiling the largest smiles I had seen to date. But then? Then you stopped. You looked and me and your brow wrinkled. And then there was a meltdown! I have no clue why, nothing had changed. You were still warm and full and being held and being sung to. But you had decided now was the time to grump.

We have been spending the last month doing everything we can to prevent you from going into these grump states. And as soon as we think we have it figured out, you find another reason/cause and we're scrambling again. Too warm? Too cold? Blanket too soft? Scratchy? Are you hungry? Too full? Acid reflux? Hating breast milk? Hating the breast? Oh! Breast too full! Now the breast is not full enough? Want to suck, but not eat! This soother is the best, then that one. Diaper too tight? Diaper too wet? Omg diaper too DRY? Please, baby girl, make up your mind! They say the only constant about a child is the constant change. You, my Maddy-moo, fit that perfectly.

But I don't want you to think you are ALWAYS grumpy. Much of the time you are sweet and cooing and looking around and wiggling. And smiles! Oh we see so many smiles now! Again, it changes what makes you smile. But if the smallest thing causes a hint of a smile, be assured your father and I will do that thing over and over just to see your beautiful face light up. We sing the same songs over and over, make sounds or faces. Anything! But when you do grump? You do it extremely well.

This week we went to a bookstore, at the end of one of your marathon awake days. No matter what baba, dido or I did you refused to stay asleep for more than 30 minutes. You had slept for about 1.5 or 2 hours between 830am and 7pm. Yes, almost 12 hours! And at 7pm, while we were at the bookstore the biggest meltdown ever began. It started with you looking at the rows and rows of books. You were happy, you were cooing! You started to look agitated (your head goes from side to side when you're ramping up) but I had to run to the bathroom. I passed you on to dad, and went across the store. About half way across the very large Chapters, on my way back, I heard it. I heard you. I raced back and tried to help dad stop the meltdown. But you were off! Dad went to pay for the book, I tried to get you into the car while calming you too. We met at the car, you were buckled in and then? Then the meltdown went into high gear. You wailed all the way home. We knew you weren't in pain, that you were just upset. But you could not, would not, calm. We got home and held you and rocked you and walked you and fed you. For 3 hours you were upset. Then we put you into your bassinet, eyes open and looking around, head turning from side to side. But thankfully you calmed. You fell asleep from 1030pm until 530am. You had a feed, went back to sleep. Had another feed, went back to sleep... and slept the morning away. Extremely awake one day, extremely asleep the next.

What other things do I want to remember about your second month? The way you slowly and softly suckle when you are nearing the end of a feed. We can always tell if you want more if you are finished the bottle and still glugging away! And how often you eat. You are a natural grazer. Drink a bit, wait 30 minutes or an hour. Have a bit more. Which means you always seem to be eating. And rarely sleeping. Also, when you are starting to meltdown, your head is the telltale sign. Your head turns side to side in agitation and your cooing gets more frantic. That is when my stomach falls, knowing that something is upsetting you. Your head control is really coming together. When you're being burped on the shoulder you will often keep your head up and look around. When I lift you from laying down I only need a finger or two behind your head, you can hold it up almost by yourself now. And you love laying free! You, my love, are not a snuggler. You are happy to lay on your back with your little arms and legs flailing away. Every day we can see that you have more and more control over where those little legs and arms are going. You are also trying so hard to suck on your fingers. You are bringing your closed fist to your mouth and gumming away. Although you also just as quickly pull your hand away, which will upset you. And you are almost always (except the time noted above) a sweet little thing when we're out and about. You love looking at new things! This old house? Been there, seen that... but new stores or restaurants? You are enthralled.

But, Madeline, you are the most perfect and amazing thing in our lives. We love you to extremes (more extreme!) and every day those feelings are deeper. Happy 2 months, Madeline (aka Maddy, Maddy-moo, baby girl, fuss-a-saur, grumpus etc).



Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1 as a duo

Day 1, just Maddy and me.

I have been so lucky to have Neil home with me for almost the first 2 months of Maddy-hood. It has made the transition to mommy-hood so much easier. Neil and I had each other, to trade off duties. Today Neil starts his new job, one that sounds pretty awesome, and it's just me and my girl! We started the night off with a change in sleeping patterns, which resulted in an earlier than usual feed and an epic meltdown at 5am over pooing. Yes, my drama-queen lost it over a turd.

Another positive of Neil being at home for so long is that he understands. He knows how hard it is to be at home responsible for a child that is normally pretty calm and awesome but is capable of going from zero to sixty in three seconds flat, from calm to grump in an instant. So when he comes home from a long day at work he will understand why I am exhausted from just staying at home.

So far, all is good. She is sleeping peacefully in my arms, as I type one handed. She loves to lay on her back and kick and stretch, so I will use that to get house stuff done. My mom and dad have volunteered to come whenever needed, to help me out. And we are making plans to get out of the house almost daily, to get contacts and passports and doctors (more doctors...) and visit family/friends and other such errands. Just to break up the day a little.

And the boob issue has been resolved. I thought she was almost starting to self wean. Nope! I was just too full and milk was coming too fast. With the new pump we bought, I was able to return to normal amounts and we are still happily breastfeeding! I don't supply much, but it still is so important to me to be able to feed my girl some. Plus, this may be TMI, but it helps also loosen Maddy's poo which prevents the meltdowns over the thicker, formula only poos.

And as a special treat? A wee video of Maddy-moo (just ignore mom's voice *blush*)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another week goes by

It's really frightening how fast time is flying. Every day is much the same. Wake, feed Maddy, change Maddy, entertain Maddy. Maddy sleeps? Do Maddy's laundry, wash Maddy's bottles, get Maddy's formula water ready. If there is time, clean the house, sometimes get the chance to hop on the computer before it's back to feed Maddy, change Maddy, entertain Maddy. And we have been having a wonderful time doing it all!

We have been enforcing quiet/nap time more stringently. And she really is a much calmer baby! Also, she is passed her 6 week growth spurt (and she spurted). She'll sometimes fight the nap, she has been getting better about it. Although her new thing to fight? The boob. While I am not making enough milk for her to exclusively breast feed, I still am trying to supplement the formula with some boob. The last day or so? Boob is just not interesting at ALL. But I am sure this is just another phase and soon she'll be back to liking mom-food.

Yesterday Neil, my dad and I went to a movie (Avatar), leaving Maddy at home with baba. They two girls had a great time, according to baba, but it was hard to leave her. In the middle of the movie I had to pee. It took everything I had not to call home, to check on Maddy. Although I had the cell in my pocket, just in case baba needed me for anything. As soon as the movie was over, the first thing I did (even before peeing again) was call home. Of course Maddy and baba were fine and all I did was interrupt Maddy being fed but... As nice as it is to have a short break from being a mom, it's even better to return home to my little girl and enjoy every second of her in this stage.

Monday, March 15, 2010

She knows me!

Today I had to go to the optometrist, for my check-up. My eyes? They are a bit worse... but that is to be expected since they are tired (like the rest of me is). I was gone about 2 hours, with the appointment, banking and an errand. When I came home I came to my little girl, said hello and grabbed her to hold her. She looked over at me, and her face lit up and she smiled the biggest smile I have seen yet! She knows me! She was happy to see her mom. It brought tears to my eyes, to see the joy in my daughter's face to see my face... Damn, being a mom rocks.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Open House success!

The open house was wonderful. Much food, many friends, and a very sweet little Madeline! There were many pics taken - but I forgot to ask people if they were ok with me putting their pics on the blog... so here is the diaper cake that was made for me by Joc - isn't it gorgeous? It's still sitting in the living room, I can't bring myself to disassemble it yet!

The house is cleaned up, the dishes washed and the family is hanging out on the couch (including the dogs) and watching TV. What a perfect way to end a wonderful day and weekend!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How have we been?

We have been good! I think we may have finally figured out what was causing Maddy's manic fussing... she was overtired. I (in my naivety) thought that she'd fall asleep when she needed it. Nope, not my little one. Just like mom, she has a hard time settling in to sleep. So she'd be up for way too many hours in a row and get overtired. So the little things, like gas, would set her off in a spectacular way. The last few days we have been enforcing nap time more rigidly and we have a much happier baby in our home! Even though she's also in a growth spurt and cluster feeding like a champ. Although we still can get grumpy-baby, once in awhile. When we do? It looks something like this:

It's hard to believe 6 weeks have passed already. Maddy has her SIN, her RESP set up, she has benefits and an Alberta Health Care number. Her CCTB has been applied for. Twice. The first time mom MAY have forgotten to get dad to sign. Oops. Much like the birth certificate fiasco (where, at the hospital I gave my maiden name as one of my given names...) a person who is sleep deprived should NOT be responsible for official documentation.  *grin* She's now officially in 3 month clothes even though the only part of her that is way larger than average is her head.

She loves looking out the window as we change her. In fact, she loves looking around at anything! Which is maybe why naps are so hard to enforce. She is cooing and grunting and talking up a storm. Last night, after her 3am feed, I was trying to lull her back to sleep as she was fighting it. Her little face was scrunched up and she was struggling to stay awake. In her struggles I could swear she said "ANG-REEE". I know that is not possible that she knew what she was saying, but in the middle of the night? I was almost convinced we had our first word. Almost.

Final picture, little Maddy fighting the sleep. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she struggles to keep them open (aka Demon Eyes). And yes, I even called them that to the Healthy Beginnings nurses. *grin*

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6 weeks!

It's been 6 weeks (and one day) since Maddy came into our lives. She's looking great! Healthy, gaining well, meeting milestones, and her size... Neil and I had a bet. I said she'd be 10lbs, 10oz. Neil said 11lbs 1oz. And?

Weight - 5kg (11lbs). Neil wins! And that makes her 75th percentile
Length - 56cm (3cm longer than birth and 4.2cm longer than her 1 week visit) which makes her 50th percentile. Although the nurse measured her strangely... she made the mark for the top of her head where her head touched the table... but who am I to question!
Head. Lordy, lordy the head... 90th percentile. So THAT'S why it was so hard to get her out!

More to come soon!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Come meet Maddy Open House

There is another "Come Meet Maddy" open house being planned! It's going to be at our place, Sunday March 14th. Casual afternoon of snacks and drinks and the most precious little girl.

I tried to give Jocelyn (who is hosting it) the emails of everyone to invite but if you don't see the invite, email me and I'll make sure you get it. And I promise to take pictures at this one!

Catch up!

It's been awhile since I have had the chance to write. Our little one has been a bit of a grump lately, making computer time a bit more scarce. I can't say she's colicky, she's not that bad, but she is fussy/grumpy and that makes it a bit more challenging. But with Ovol at meals (not sure it's working) and gripe water when things are bad (which really does work for her) we're getting it all under control again.

Plus, she's been harder to put to sleep. We've started putting her in her car seat and playing white noise in the background to get her to fall asleep at night. Although last night, we had a great night! She fell asleep on her back in the bassinet. She had a feed at 10pm, she fell asleep at 1130pm. But then she slept until 530am! That meant 6 HOURS of uninterrupted sleep for me! I felt so amazing that I almost stayed up. But then tried to put her back to bed and she slept again from 630am until 9am, when the family woke up. I feel amazingly rested. It's actually a little foreign now, to feel THIS good. I honestly think the white noise helps all three of us sleep. Well, actually I prefer the brown noise, the site we stream from has white, pink and brown/red noise.

Our little one is not as little anymore. It's actually a little alarming how long she is already! She's in 3month clothes now, and they are getting a little short for her. She's long and skinny... with a bit of a larger head (thanks to me). She's our little lollipop! *grin* On Wednesday we go for her 6 week check-up, so we'll find out exactly what percentile she's in.

But she's so alert now and loves looking at new things and new patterns. She is awake for hours at a time during the day, sometimes as long as 6 hours at a time. At that point you have to actively put her to sleep, she'll just want to stay up and look and interact. And I think we're getting real smiles now! There is not one thing that always makes her smile, but she will smile when we tickle her or kiss her or make noises with her. Everyday she wakes up and is a little different - a little more alert, a little longer, a little more active. So we're doing our best to cherish every second of her as she is! Although we haven't been as good about pulling out the camera... we have to get better at that. But we're going to haves someone with some skill take some pictures for us, so that we can keep a record of this stage. A friend, Natasha, is a hugely talented photographer with a great eye and we're hoping we can get her to take some pics.

OK, enough time at the computer... time to go interact with my little (long) one! More pictures will be coming soon, as soon as we take them *grin*

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mom vs daughter

I think she looks more like her dad as an infant... 

Monday, March 1, 2010

The day has come...

In a very prolific blogging day, one more thing to remember. Today? Today we retired Maddy's newborn sleepers. She's just too long for them. She can't straighten her legs. And I swear yesterday? They fit. My not-so-little little girl is growing too fast.

Mommy brain, part 1

The say the first thing to go is language... I am now officially lost. Just for posterity, here are snippets of the new language I am creating.

Burbs hoot = boobs hurt, what happens when a hungry Maddy cries
Kershell - commercial, as we were discussing the Old Spice commercial 

More to come as I perfect my dialect

Dad vs daughter

Wow... she looks just like him!