Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Month Twenty-Six Letter

My Maddy,

It seems the only time I write is on your month-day. Or the day after your month-day, in this instance. I am not sure why I have stopped blogging... Lack of time? Excess laziness? An addiction to Pinterest? Trying to do it all and something invariably falling to the wayside?

Anyway, you are twenty-six months old and a force of nature! You live big and certain. And loud. Oh Maddy, you are capable of great noise. GREAT noise. You have at least one super duper meltdown a day. Sometimes more... You know what you want (or don't want) and you aren't scared to let us know. You also, just like your dad, have blood sugar issues. If you haven't eaten in awhile (like after a long nap or in the morning) you aren't too good with the unexpected. Or if we deny you something you want. Or we can't give you that exact thing you want. Or.. just because. When it happens, it's force of nature LOUD though.

You also hate baths. HATE. BATHS. We can get you in the tub every few days, if we're lucky. Why? Who knows! It's just your thing right now. And I know, you will have things and phases and they won't last. This one is a tad smelly though... Such a force of nature.

Another current Maddy-ism is your inability to sleep through the night. You wake at LEAST once, normally a few times, and one of us has to go down and find Odg, or Mimi, or sock, or PIN-SESS, or ... something. And often it's me. And I am just a little exhausted from not sleeping through the night once in weeks. And your dad is in the same boat. Last night you woke at 4am and it took 20 minutes (of you whimpering) until you would lay down again. And then you refused to be covered. You are a force of nature.

Fruit is the one thing you will almost always eat. Although typing that has almost certainly guaranteed that you will never touch a piece of fruit again. You also love "DEEP" which is almost any sauce. And a few veggies, like peas and corn and carrots (sometimes). And broccoli most of the time. It's a challenge, because I am loving trying new recipes. And you like the same things over and over. We always have fruit to supplement dinners. Force. Of. Nature.

You are turning into a girly girl. Princess and pretty and pink and purple. I bought you beautiful green and teal shoes and you SCREAMED when they came even near you. I exchanged them for the pink and purple shoes? You called them "PEETY" and wore them all day. Nature? Force of. Maddy.

Right now I can hear you, making noise in your bed an hour after your bedtime. You are singing and talking to your NUMEROUS teddies you insist on sleeping with. Odg, brown mimi, pink mimi, Farley, Gramma piggy, and Kee-Kat. And then a few extra each night, right now it's Snow White, Cinderella, Piglet and Winnie the Pooh. Remember, you are in a wee and tiny toddler bed.

Well, Madds, I have to work on our taxes and have a bath and do the dishes and make lunches and fold your laundry. And I want to be in bed in 1.5 hours. Maybe even before you'll settle down?

Force of nature, my love. Force of nature.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love you Maddy,