Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catch up!

It's been awhile since I have had the chance to write. Our little one has been a bit of a grump lately, making computer time a bit more scarce. I can't say she's colicky, she's not that bad, but she is fussy/grumpy and that makes it a bit more challenging. But with Ovol at meals (not sure it's working) and gripe water when things are bad (which really does work for her) we're getting it all under control again.

Plus, she's been harder to put to sleep. We've started putting her in her car seat and playing white noise in the background to get her to fall asleep at night. Although last night, we had a great night! She fell asleep on her back in the bassinet. She had a feed at 10pm, she fell asleep at 1130pm. But then she slept until 530am! That meant 6 HOURS of uninterrupted sleep for me! I felt so amazing that I almost stayed up. But then tried to put her back to bed and she slept again from 630am until 9am, when the family woke up. I feel amazingly rested. It's actually a little foreign now, to feel THIS good. I honestly think the white noise helps all three of us sleep. Well, actually I prefer the brown noise, the site we stream from has white, pink and brown/red noise.

Our little one is not as little anymore. It's actually a little alarming how long she is already! She's in 3month clothes now, and they are getting a little short for her. She's long and skinny... with a bit of a larger head (thanks to me). She's our little lollipop! *grin* On Wednesday we go for her 6 week check-up, so we'll find out exactly what percentile she's in.

But she's so alert now and loves looking at new things and new patterns. She is awake for hours at a time during the day, sometimes as long as 6 hours at a time. At that point you have to actively put her to sleep, she'll just want to stay up and look and interact. And I think we're getting real smiles now! There is not one thing that always makes her smile, but she will smile when we tickle her or kiss her or make noises with her. Everyday she wakes up and is a little different - a little more alert, a little longer, a little more active. So we're doing our best to cherish every second of her as she is! Although we haven't been as good about pulling out the camera... we have to get better at that. But we're going to haves someone with some skill take some pictures for us, so that we can keep a record of this stage. A friend, Natasha, is a hugely talented photographer with a great eye and we're hoping we can get her to take some pics.

OK, enough time at the computer... time to go interact with my little (long) one! More pictures will be coming soon, as soon as we take them *grin*

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