Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Updated measurements

Monday at the health clinic Maddy was weighed and measured again. And she has an entirely NEW set of percentiles. These ones make so much more sense to me.

Height 90th (23 inches)
Weight 90th (12lbs, 12oz)
Head 90th (still)

She is a large baby. Everyone comments on it, in comparison to babies older than her she's just as large. But not disproportional. Then how was she only 50th percentile for length? And then 75th for weight? Feeling more confident about these new numbers.

Although, with these numbers I realized something. Something that made me beg Maddy to slow DOWN on the growing! My 2 month old (well, 9 week old) is now fitting size 2 diapers! This child better be potty trained quickly, otherwise we'll have her in Depends.

She's changing daily. More and more cooing and babbling. And more smiles! So many smiles from her now. "They" say we should be starting routines. Naps times, wake times, bedtime routines. Well, we're just now getting the idea of taking naps down (I am so sorry I didn't start this sooner, Maddy-moo!). I don't want to start regimenting her yet. And "they" we should soon start trying to get Maddy to sleep in her own room, in her crib. Right now we're the evil parents that have her sleep in her swing during the day, bassinet at night. Again, maybe next week I'll start that chore. It's NOT going to be easy. Maddy fights the sleepz to begin and then put her alone? Not good... So not good!


  1. OMG! I loooooooooove the new layout!!

    Maddy is just a few weeks ahead of Einin, and I love all the info you post on developmental stuff and things like enforcing naptime! It helps me prep for the weeks ahead. ;)

    Speaking of getting these nasty critters to sleep, what do you guys do? I find swaddling, singing, rocking and a soother helps, but sometimes the kid just DOES NOT want to sleep! Eek! Any help and advice would be most appreciated!!

  2. What you do is what "they" say! They only thing we add is white noise. We used to stream it from the web (simplynoise.com) but now have a sleep sheep. One of the best books to calm a fussing baby is "Happiest Baby on the Block", which we steal the sleeping aids from.

    Although last night? 2 hours to fall asleep (not until 1130pm), a 1 hour mid-night feed (we were at 30 minutes) and then a 7am wake time. Ouch!

    And, I have to be honest, the layout is a template. Just one of the new ones. But sshhhh! Don't tell!