Sunday, April 4, 2010

She's still a-growin'!

Our little-ish Maddy continues to grow. She's officially in 3 month clothes and often in the 3-6 month outfits (which are thankfully still a little roomy). But there is nothing tiny about her anymore. And her alertness and smiles and moving and head control... every day it's all a little more, a little better. She's even trying to communicate! She's cooing in response to things we say. The other day she was trying to mimic me saying "hi". Everyday we leave the newborn Maddy behind just a little more. 

We're picking up new nicknames for her. Maddy-moo, Maddy-moo-foo, Foo, Nu-nu, baby-girl, Madeline (said the french way), bebe (again, said the french way), Madeline-spadeline-doo. And the list changes daily!

On Thursday Maddy and I went to meet baba and dido at the mall, for their mall walking session. We arrived a little late for the walk but sat with the friends for coffee. And gave the grandparents a chance to show off the little one. There baba bought an Easter dress and I bought a completely impractical outfit of skinny jeans and a flowing top (pics to come). I figure if I am too large for skinny jeans I may as well put them on my daughter, while I still have control over what she wears!

Today we're having a friend come by and take some professional pics of Maddy. We were at baba and dido's for Easter lunch today. Of course, there was much new stuff there and people to talk to... so someone didn't have a nap. And that someone had a meltdown on the way home. And then continued to be a teary screaming puddle when we got home. I am not naming names, but she's now in her swaddle and in her little lamb swing having a much needed sleep. Hopefully it will be enough sleep so that the pictures turn out well! But... ya... I'll protect the identity of the parties involved. 

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