Monday, April 26, 2010

Month three letter

Dear Maddy,

You are three months old today. THREE months! How can that be already? I remember bringing you home and thinking about the "fourth" trimester and how long that will take, to fully develop you. And we're here!

The last month came in like a lion and out like a lamb. The start was hard. You were grumpy and fussy and miserable much of the time. The last 2 weeks? You have been just amazing. Grumpy at times, yes, fighting the sleep still but most of the time just amazing. Your personality is coming through now. You will be a talker! You interact with us so much more. Giggles and coos and so many huge smiles. Which we haven't been able to catch on film yet, but we'll keep working on it. Emotion is a volatile thing for you. The line between very happy and very sad is very thin. So? Your mom and dad have a wicked time watching you flit back and forth when you are upset. Dad is the best at it. You could be so grumpy and he'll come in and make you giggle. Then you're back to grump, then giggle... Yes, it is the small stuff that amuses us right now!

It's been a month of watching you do new things, and the looks of amazement when you do. You are still reluctant to lift your head during tummy time. Instead? You move your head over your hand and start sucking. Pacifiers? They are now passe. Instead it's all about your fingers, fist, our fingers, arms... anything person! When I pick you up I barely use a finger to hold your head up. Your head lolls a little, but you're getting it. You are learning where your hands are an how to lift them. I am not going to say that you reach on your own now, but you obviously want to. You look at something and get so excited for it, but can't figure out the next step. If anything, my little monkey, you are reaching up with your feet.

You are starting to love the TV. You stare at the pictures and kick and flail. Right now, you're sitting in your vibrating chair and washing CSI. I am pretty sure you don't get the meaning of the show, yet, but so soon we'll have to remember you're learning. Your dad and I have made (another) promise to each other to stop the swearing. It's a nasty habit and it's something we don't want you to learn too soon. But wow, it's hard to do! Just make sure your first word isn't something that will make us blush.

We also think you may be starting to teeth. You drool like a champion and are sticking your tongue out like you are running it over your bottom gums. I keep checking, no tooths emerging yet. But maybe soon!

Things I want to remember to tell you. You got your first scar this month, you scratched your left cheek one day in a nasty way. Your only birth mark! It's on your belly, on the left side. Otherwise your skin is flawless porcelain. Except for that little hairy spot on the bottom of your back. It's just a thicker blonde patch that is like down. Oh! And the skin on your knees and shins is slightly rougher than the rest of you. I think it's because your knees are still always up and bent and moving like mad against your pjs.

Today we're officially starting your crib training. Right now you have been sleeping in your swing during the day (when at home) and bassinet at night. We're starting you on crib during the day and this weekend will be night crib training. I have to say, I will miss listening to you snuffle and talk as you sleep (and in your sleep) but it's time. Partially for your safety, you are definitely outgrowing your bassinet!

We (mom, dad, baba and dido) will do anything and everything to make sure you are safe and happy and loved. You are 1/4 of a year old and you are already our world. Happy 3 month birthday my baby girl!



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