Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maddy's first friend

Last Thursday I went to a friend's place and we had a wonderful mini mom's get together! We had our kids laying side by side on a blanket, looking to see what would happen. I think the two are just a little too young to be true friends (they barely noticed each other) but us moms? We had a blast with the pics! For the record, Caleb is 4 days older than Maddy. 

Our first almost hand holding! This is right after Caleb lifted Maddy's shirt up.

We forced them to look at each other. Maddy finally noticed Caleb. Caleb? Nope! I was much more interesting to watch

Finally, laying side by side. I love my daughter, she's my baby girl! But I can be honest. My gal? She's got a head on her. And as Blessie so wisely said, Maddy is what 30 hours of labour looks like while Caleb is what 4 hours looks like 

And I got Blessie's permission to post pics of Caleb in case anyone was worried.

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