Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleeping updates

Yesterday was not as good of a napping day. We had errands all morning/early afternoon which meant naps in the car seat. Then she was not interested in napping when we got home, especially not the crib! She was a tad fussy last night, but went to sleep at 1030-ish and slept until 730 this morning! She had a 40 minute nap in her crib, when I put her down, this morning. And again she is in her crib, napping peacefully. This time dad put her down and I think he sprinkled her in daddy-magical-sleepy-baby-that-loves-her-crib-powder (name to be trademarked soon) because she's happily napping there now.

Oh! One of the errands yesterday was to get Neil some new glasses. And they are AWESOME. I can't wait until he gets them. And I will be posting a pic, to show them off, whether he likes it or not!

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