Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sometimes it's easier

Today was a much better day. Maddy slept more (yay!) even if that meant in her swing. She was sweet and cooing and kicking and laughing. We tried tummy time and she was able to lift her head for short periods of time. So no missed milestone! If you look at the size of her head... I am impressed she can lift it any amount. I love my girl, but she's got a head on her! And we went out for that walk and loved the sunshine. Little miss slept most of it. When she was awake, she was happily looking around.

We went to Costco tonight and she was sweet there. Some minor fussing but nothing a pacifier wouldn't control. And then when we got home there was a bit of melt down but she was just tired. A good feed, a swaddle and a jiggle? She's fast asleep in her bassinet. Although we're still waiting for that poo. It's gonna be a gooder when it comes out.

Maddy is not an easy going child. She can be fussy. She gets overtired and fights sleep. She has a dramatic flair. She knows what she wants and just waits (impatiently) for you to figure it out. But she's perfectly Maddy. She's my beautiful baby girl. I wouldn't change a thing about her.

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