Thursday, April 22, 2010

An update

The last 2 weeks with Maddy have been wonderful. She has her moments, but they are just that. Moments. She is generally happy and easy going.

She's growing leaps and bounds too! Every morning she seems to weigh just a little more. And her head control is getting so close to being there! I am carrying her around in her Ergo carrier and she's good there for about 30 minutes. She LOVES laying on her back and kicking away. Tummy time is even tolerated for short periods of time. As long as she is on soft ground. When she decides to relax her neck muscles and her head plummets forward? It's best to have something soft to cushion the fall. I learned that the hard way. A blanket on laminate was not enough to prevent a thunk and a bit of a wail. She is also starting to watch TV. It makes me realize that soon we'll have to be cognizant of what is appropriate for children to watch. I guess no more CSI marathons during the day. Although it won't all be treehouse in this house! Our girl is going to have to learn to love Sci Fi as much as mom and dad do.

Maddy is trying SO hard to talk. Well, to mimic our sounds. I know that she doesn't understand what she's trying to say. But she can mimic "hi" quite well now. And the sounds and volume that come out of her are pretty amazing. And her smiles light up a room, when she's trying to communicate. She still loves singing and now even tolerates my voice! "My Bonnie lies over the Ocean", with Maddy instead of Bonnie, and "ABC" are her favorites right now. And there is an annoying "OOOaa OOOaa" noise I make that is a favorite too. It annoys me to hear me, but her smile is worth it.

Today I had her on the magic happy place (aka the change table) and we were singing together. She, for the first time, reached up and touched my face. She stopped listening as she focused in on her hand on my mouth. Her look of confusion and then amazement as she touched the place where the noise comes from was so wonderful. My baby girl reached up for the first time!

On Monday I was trying to cut Maddy's nails and for the first time I cut Maddy, instead of the nail. I was devastated. She was in shock and cried, she bled... and my heart broke. But thankfully she forgave me quickly and her little thumb is healing well.

On Tuesday I went to a joint baby shower for Maddy and a co-worker's daughter. It was wonderful fun to see everyone again! The decorations were stunning, the food plentiful and the gifts so very generous! I work with some really amazing people. There were a few people who weren't there, that I missed seeing. But that just means I'll have to go back one day and spend an afternoon catching up, with those that were there and those that were not. I have many pics of everyone, but again I forgot to ask if pics are ok to post.

Yesterday baba, aunty olga, Maddy, me and the dogs all went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Maddy seemed to enjoy looking around. I know the dogs loved the walk! They ran and pulled mom in every direction as I pushed the stroller. I look forward to Maddy being comfortable enough in the carrier that I can walk the dogs with her in it. It'll be good exercise for me and the dogs!

OK, we have a busy evening of errands tonight and so it's time to get Madds washed and ready to go. Well, and maybe throw some clean clothes on me too.


  1. Hey Wendy! Are you doing any of that baby sign-language with Maddy?

  2. We are going to incorporate signs when she's a little older. I now know a few signs (mom, dad, up, more). First teach the mom, then teach the baby!

  3. Interesting - I *only* know people who are doing baby sign-language now days... Given that she's so interested in vocalizing, I'll be curious to hear about whether she takes to signing :)