Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6 weeks!

It's been 6 weeks (and one day) since Maddy came into our lives. She's looking great! Healthy, gaining well, meeting milestones, and her size... Neil and I had a bet. I said she'd be 10lbs, 10oz. Neil said 11lbs 1oz. And?

Weight - 5kg (11lbs). Neil wins! And that makes her 75th percentile
Length - 56cm (3cm longer than birth and 4.2cm longer than her 1 week visit) which makes her 50th percentile. Although the nurse measured her strangely... she made the mark for the top of her head where her head touched the table... but who am I to question!
Head. Lordy, lordy the head... 90th percentile. So THAT'S why it was so hard to get her out!

More to come soon!

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