Thursday, March 11, 2010

How have we been?

We have been good! I think we may have finally figured out what was causing Maddy's manic fussing... she was overtired. I (in my naivety) thought that she'd fall asleep when she needed it. Nope, not my little one. Just like mom, she has a hard time settling in to sleep. So she'd be up for way too many hours in a row and get overtired. So the little things, like gas, would set her off in a spectacular way. The last few days we have been enforcing nap time more rigidly and we have a much happier baby in our home! Even though she's also in a growth spurt and cluster feeding like a champ. Although we still can get grumpy-baby, once in awhile. When we do? It looks something like this:

It's hard to believe 6 weeks have passed already. Maddy has her SIN, her RESP set up, she has benefits and an Alberta Health Care number. Her CCTB has been applied for. Twice. The first time mom MAY have forgotten to get dad to sign. Oops. Much like the birth certificate fiasco (where, at the hospital I gave my maiden name as one of my given names...) a person who is sleep deprived should NOT be responsible for official documentation.  *grin* She's now officially in 3 month clothes even though the only part of her that is way larger than average is her head.

She loves looking out the window as we change her. In fact, she loves looking around at anything! Which is maybe why naps are so hard to enforce. She is cooing and grunting and talking up a storm. Last night, after her 3am feed, I was trying to lull her back to sleep as she was fighting it. Her little face was scrunched up and she was struggling to stay awake. In her struggles I could swear she said "ANG-REEE". I know that is not possible that she knew what she was saying, but in the middle of the night? I was almost convinced we had our first word. Almost.

Final picture, little Maddy fighting the sleep. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she struggles to keep them open (aka Demon Eyes). And yes, I even called them that to the Healthy Beginnings nurses. *grin*

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