Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1 as a duo

Day 1, just Maddy and me.

I have been so lucky to have Neil home with me for almost the first 2 months of Maddy-hood. It has made the transition to mommy-hood so much easier. Neil and I had each other, to trade off duties. Today Neil starts his new job, one that sounds pretty awesome, and it's just me and my girl! We started the night off with a change in sleeping patterns, which resulted in an earlier than usual feed and an epic meltdown at 5am over pooing. Yes, my drama-queen lost it over a turd.

Another positive of Neil being at home for so long is that he understands. He knows how hard it is to be at home responsible for a child that is normally pretty calm and awesome but is capable of going from zero to sixty in three seconds flat, from calm to grump in an instant. So when he comes home from a long day at work he will understand why I am exhausted from just staying at home.

So far, all is good. She is sleeping peacefully in my arms, as I type one handed. She loves to lay on her back and kick and stretch, so I will use that to get house stuff done. My mom and dad have volunteered to come whenever needed, to help me out. And we are making plans to get out of the house almost daily, to get contacts and passports and doctors (more doctors...) and visit family/friends and other such errands. Just to break up the day a little.

And the boob issue has been resolved. I thought she was almost starting to self wean. Nope! I was just too full and milk was coming too fast. With the new pump we bought, I was able to return to normal amounts and we are still happily breastfeeding! I don't supply much, but it still is so important to me to be able to feed my girl some. Plus, this may be TMI, but it helps also loosen Maddy's poo which prevents the meltdowns over the thicker, formula only poos.

And as a special treat? A wee video of Maddy-moo (just ignore mom's voice *blush*)

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