Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 17 plus 1

I am now 17 weeks pregnant. Sprout is 15 weeks along. There are many things I learned this journey, 2 of the weirdest are that you are considered pregnant for 2 weeks before conception and that gestation is really 10 months long. Although there is one more that is weird, but in a less "let's lie about time" way... this is the one and only time a person can have 2 souls inside them.

17 weeks. Sprout now has finger nails and toe nails and has their very own fingerprints! And is an onion. An onion? There must be a nicer fruit/veggie than that...

Well, this is also the wedding version of this blog! We're T minus 13 days until Neil and I get married. And it's only today that Neil finally realized that the wedding has so little to do with the desires bride and groom and so much more to do with the family and friends. I learned that long ago as I watched so many friends go through a wedding. We have the locations (Muttart for ceremony, drinks at our place after the ceremony and Characters for dinner), the dress (at the tailor - a simple shift dress), Neil's suit (an exisiting one, at the tailor being hemmed - yes, the pants were actually too long!), the rings, the officiant, the license, the flowers (silk ones), the manicure appointments, the hair stylist, and the guests have been invited. What was supposed to be 4 (me, Neil, my mom and dad) is now 16. Oh well, close enough! And thankfully the largest cold sore ever seen came to me 2 weeks before the wedding, instead of 2 days. Wow, this is a nasty one! But I am just looking forward to the date coming, to getting married to the man I love and starting the 5 months of being a married couple, before we become a family of three.

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