Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're having a GIRL! Probably...

Today was THE ultrasound. Never mind the analysis for any potential problems or measuring the baby. We wanted to know the GENDER! And we are thinking it's a girl! Well, the tech (who was a tad harsh and militant) said she couldn't see any boy parts, which makes her think it is a girl but she can't be certain. Neil has said so all along and it looks like he was right. Well, at least for now we're running with Sprout being female, and thus pink and purple stuffs. And no yellow! This is going to sound so superficial but for some reason I have developed a huge distaste (akin to hate) for the colour yellow. And generally if a person does not know the gender, they get yellow things. Yellow. BAH!

BTW, I am getting really good at peeing just a portion of my bladder out, for these ultrasounds, in case you were wondering. Which I am sure you were not...

But the doctor looked at the images and didn't raise any concerns with the tech or come talk to us about anything. We see my doctor on September 16th (at 20 weeks) and then I can get the full report.

And we're at 18 weeks now. Almost half way there! This week's veggie is a sweet potato. This pic for the sweet potato is ANYTHING but sweet. It's frankly hairy and scary. But our little (likely) girl will hopefully not be that way.

Otherwise there is the same old "I feel really good for the most part" song and dance. There was a day and a half where I felt pretty icky, but that passed. And I get tired much more easily and move more slowly. And I continue to grow outwards. But I feel good! And Neil is so excited about having a daughter.

We're heading for Seattle tomorrow bright and early. And luckily mom and dad will be at the house, to babysit the dogs. So we'll be having fun with our little girl and the folks care for our existing boys. Then next Wednesday we're getting hitched! On Sprout's 19th week. Well, it's all been a bit backwards. We planned the "honeymoon" in March, got pregnant in May, decided to get married in July, having the honeymoon Sept 3-7th, the wedding Sept 9th and the babe Feb 3rd. But you know, this wrong order? It somehow fits for us, the Birch family.


  1. YAY for a girl! I'm so happy for you. I finally "outed" myself on my blog, and it's a big relief. I cannot wait to start blogging about the babe! :o)