Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 20 (plus 4 days)

We have a revised due date, moved to January 30, 2010. Which makes perfect sense, if you look at the day I thought I got pregnant, which was May 9th. Why do I believe it was THAT day? On May 12 we (me, Neil, mom and dad) were driving out to my uncle's funeral, about 1 hour out of town. As we were driving I began to get sleepy and put my head back to rest. I must have dozed off slightly because I woke up abruptly with the thought that I was pregnant. I mean, the idea entered my head and I was CONVINCED of it. To the point that I almost blurted out to my parents and Neil "Hey, guess what? I am pregnant!". I fully woke up and realized I must have been dreaming, because I was not pregnant! That would be silly. Well, according to the ultrasound, I was was pregnant that day. Just barely pregnant.

I didn't have much for symptoms that first month, I didn't have any reason to believe that I was pregnant. I think my irregular cycle wasn't even really late when I peed on the stick. The reason I bought the test was only because I had that feeling, that one day. It was just too certain to ignore.

I believed almost fully that I would see "not pregnant" flash on the digital screen. My first cogent thought was "where's the NOT? WHERE IS THE NOT??!" Then I ran down the stairs, mouth gaping open, waving my stick in the air to tell the new Dad. Then, being the geeks we are, we went to a bookstore. To buy a book, to do some research. Step 2 was tell my parents. Step 3 was to buy preggo vitamins. I'll document my parent's reactions later.

And about 16 weeks after that fateful pee, here we are! Half way through this part of the journey and we are both doing really well.

20 weeks (plus 4 days). A CANTALOUPE. A freaking canatloupe... that is a HUGE fruit

One reason for the huge jump in size? We're now measuring Sprout from head to toes, not head to rump like before. And now Sprout is pretty proportionate to how she'll be at birth. Just a LOT smaller. She's swallowing amniotic fluid for practice (and thus tasting the foods I eat too) and starting to work out her digestive system. Her bones are starting to ossify, she's just plugging along on the whole growing into a person that can live outside my body.

We have booked the prenatal class (in December and January) although we're on a waitlist for an earlier one (if there is a cancellation). I'll be in a class on my 35th birthday... what a way to celebrate! We have also started researching everything we're going to need in a more serious way. Such as car seats and and I ordered my first baby item - a swaddling blanket! And now just 9000 more items to get... But we're heading to a baby garage sale next weekend and hope to stock up on a few more things then.

Well, I guess I'll update on Saturday, when I am 21 weeks. This week FLEW by *wink*


  1. When are we going to see a baby bump picture? ;)

  2. I agree with Elaine!! Bump, bump, bump!