Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures - with disclaimers

I'll start with disclaimers. I am apparently negligent in my mirror washing, so the splashes of who knows what on the mirror will be cleaned before any other pics are posted. However, I have completely run out of care today, and I just want to get these up. And also, it's 1030pm on a school night. I should be in bed already. And... well. It's pictures and I hate pictures! Oh, and the door with no casing behind me? On the list of things to get done this winter. Enough excuses... THE BUMP PICTURES!

Week 22 plus 3 days

Head on, I am thicker through the waist but then from the side? I am HUGE. I am only HALF WAY done! And I may have kind of been sucking my my stomach, from some strange habit when a camera comes out... Women are weird.

1 comment:

  1. not to fret Wendy. i grew big and fast my first trimester then grew gradually during the second - acutally i grew but the places and weight shifted then now in my third (month 8) i have ballooned once again. tis the way. you look beautiful :D