Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 23! And a mini-vacation

We are now at week 23 of the baby-making journey!

Sprout is already a little dancer. I can feel her moving and wiggling all through the day, sometimes I can even get the sharp kick that makes me jump. But now? Now Sprout can hear and react to the sounds around me. My alarm, Sherman barking, Neil snoring (just kidding, his snores are quiet) are all things that start her kicking or wiggling. She does respond to pressure, if I place my hand on my belly she'll often move towards it, and wiggle in that spot.

I keep reading the pregnancy books and websites. They talk about sleeping being harder, swelling, mood swings, irritability. And I have to say, I am not (yet) experiencing those things. I don't want to jinx myself, but swelling is minimal, sleeping no worse than it has been for weeks and weeks already (namely, sleeping lighter and having to wake up to roll over). Mood swings and irritability? Pretty non-existant. And this is the one I was SURE I'd be saddled with. But I've been remarkably calm and level, to date.

On the ride home from a glorious weekend in Jasper, Neil and I spoke about the fact we need to stop with the swearing. Yes, we have a year until we have to worry, but this could be a harder habit to totally break. And while we're not exactly the most constant of swearers, we do use a few quite often. My favorite is "damn". So we went through the list of words we're going to try to avoid. There are the "big ones" (shit, fuck etc etc). Those are easily off the table. We talked about damn... but is that a word you want your 2 year old parroting? So, no more. I'll miss you, damn. And we thought words like gay and retard and stupid are just not appropriate. So that leave us with...


WHAT TO PARENTS SWEAR WITH? Neil threw frack on the table but we're geeks enough without the BSG reference. My solution was a loud, primal "BLARGHLE". That, too, was discounted. So... any ideas? Any suggestions? Please?!

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  1. Good intentions but all kids learn, hear and see the power of those "bad" words eventually. Mom & dad are human and fallible and the rest of society is too. My thinking is that it'll be okay for my child to hear those words from me and her dad as long as we do our job in explaining when and where appropriate. Plus it's reality. However, i don't intend to be cynical about society & I do respect the desire to keep kids innocent for age-appropriate. But there are a heck of a lot of worse things to expose babies and kids to than hearing the occasional curse word. That's just my two-cents :)