Thursday, October 29, 2009

Most DEFINITELY a girl!

Today we went for our appointment at UC Baby, to get one more peak at Sprout! This time it was me, Neil, Baba and Gido all together to see the little one. The room was spacious, many places to sit, a huge TV for everyone to watch on. Very professional, very comfortable.

She is definitely a girl! We had multiple confirmations. She spent much of the visit with her legs in front of her face. You could see her legs bending and straightening. Even one hand behind her knee, holding her leg to her face. And it isn't that she was out of space. There was a lot of room around her, you could see the amniotic fluid! She was just happy to have her legs and sometimes hand there. But with her legs in the air, her little girl parts were open for the world to see. So Sprout is a girl, for certain. Sprout also already has hair - likely blonde since it was so fine. She has loooooong legs, just like her dad. She looks good, healthy and is putting on a bit of chub. She will not be a small baby, definitely not low birth weight. The tech said over 7lbs, for certain. Although since she spent the entire visit with her legs in front of her face, we didn't get much of a look at her face. From what we did see, she does have slightly chubby cheeks already, a little button nose (not her Gido's thank goodness!) and full lips. She's also in a breech position right now - head up and butt down. But that can easily change - it's still early.

Since the video wasn't possible, since she was not cooperating and we couldn't see her face, UC baby has re-booked the visit, so we can try for a video. That professionalism impressed me. We paid for the visit today, but will go back and just pay for the video next time. So next Wednesday at 815pm, we head back. We did get two slightly blurry photos of her face, blurry since the tech had to go through legs and hands to get to her face...

Again, it's just amazing to get to see my little pretzel girl, inside me. At one point her eyes were open. She is there, she is doing well and she's growing and getting bigger! Next Wednesday, if she cooperates, there will be more pictures to post. I am already so in love with this little one, so amazed at the fact that she exists.

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