Saturday, October 10, 2009

24 weeks today!

It's hard to believe... 24 weeks. 6 months, essentially.

I am getting into the harder and harder to be comfortable stage. Moving is awkward, sleeping is light, part of my body feel squished. But still? It's an amazing journey. Although in about 4 months, I think I'll be glad to have Sprout out in the real world!

There was this little worry-wart part of me that was scared to set up the nursery, "just in case". In case something went wrong... I was talking to a great friend and another mother about my fears (which she reassures me are normal). But she told me that at 24 weeks, if Sprout has to come out that while she'll likely be in hospital for awhile, she could make it in the real world. I think she's comfy enough inside for now (and ideally for 16 more weeks) but to know that she COULD survive... it brings some relief to me. And now it's time to put the nursery together!

Yesterday the crib came. It's still in the box, but it's here. Tomorrow we paint baseboards and the trimmings, for the nursery. Maybe even put some up? Maybe... then once that is done the crib can go up. At the end of the month mom and dad are buying the glider chair and ottoman. Then just the change table and the dresser to go!

Today we went to see that dear friend mentioned above. I had the chance to see her adorable 20 month old and I also came home with a high chair and more clothes! Seriously, Sprout is going to be the best dressed little girl. Or a cross-dressing boy because the little floral shorts? Must be worn!

Well, on the last week of this fruit. We are a papaya from weeks 21-24.

I still don't feel Sprout move all the time, just occasionally. Mostly when I lay down or sit at the computer. But pasta or orange juice? Sets her into fits of dancing (what I call her moving around).

I think about the fact that soon there will be a new person in our family. Someone who will develop likes and dislikes. Will she dislike eggs like both Neil and I did as children? What will her favorite colour be? Will she be a reader like we were? More of a tomboy, like neither of us ever were? Even something as simple as whether she will have blue/grey eyes like Neil or hazel like me. Maybe brown, from my dad? I just can't wait to meet this little one, get to know her and learn about her as she gets to know us and learn about the world. But this little one is so loved already.

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