Thursday, September 10, 2009

We are married!

And the strangest thing about being married? It feels no different than before *grin*.

But the day was wonderful, there was only one thing that went wrong (the restaurant gave away our reserved room, because of a mis-communication) but we ended up still eating there, just in the main dining room, and annoying everyone around us with our loud chatting and laughing. It was small, low key, completely informal and I think the right kind of wedding for guy marrying a gal 19 weeks knocked up. We're talking about having a full-blown all family and friends party next September, to celebrate one year of marriage and Sprout. But there just wasn't the time or the money to get something put together for this year.

There are so many memories I want to capture, but I am not sure this blog is the right place to do it. But, either way, we are now the Birch family!

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