Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Month Twenty Four Letter. Waaaay late.

Dearest Maddy,

Days ago you turned TWO YEARS OLD. And your mommy didn't actually even remember to post a letter on this very very neglected blog. I blame... pinterest? Facebook? Getting things done around the house? Really, I blame me and me dealing poorly with some stress. Life threw me a lemon and I sat in the sandbox feeling sorry for myself. Screw the lemonade!

But, Maddy, my love. You are TWENTY FOUR months old (plus a few days). And you are awesome. You are talking up a STORM and so funny and so active and so happy. Tonight we stripped you down before your bath and you RAN. In and out of every room, naked to the world. And screaming "GLIDE GLIDE GLIDE" in a very loud and boisterous manner. I had to finally grab you and throw you in the tub, which resulted in the start of a meltdown (naked running is apparently fun) but the toys distracted you and you happily played. You know what you want in life and you let us know when it's not happening your way.

At 2 you are 34.5 inches tall. You are about 32 pounds (ish). Your hair is still dark blonde, your eyes are still a beautiful blue. You smile so often and we've had a bit of a break with the teething (still at 16). You are a talker and you have started on 3-4 word sentences, with prepositions and all! Your grammar isn't ideal but your manners? Please, thank you, you're welcome, excuse me... you us them all! Well, excuse me is more like KYOOUSE me. But close enough!

You are playing with us now, and playing house and pretend. Other kids? Not as much with them yet. You play near them. But will stand on furniture and other dangerous things to get our attention, so we'll interact with you. And we have FUN! We KEECK DA BALL. And KEETCH. And RUN. And play houses and dolly. And pretend to eat foods. And sing. And do so many, many awesome things.

How did we celebrate your night? Well, it was the last year we could phone it in... So we did. We woke you in the morning, to sing you happy birthday. Which you shushed and then threw yourself on your bed oh so dramatically when we didn't stop. And you opened a few gifts! A "ball-reeena" skirt and a book. Then daycare and MUFFIN-MAN there (aka cupcakes). And dinner at Swiss Chalet with baba and dido and us. And then more gifts and bed! Saturday we took you to Telus World of Science where you played and ran and played and explored and played and experimented. And then a Thai meal and a good night's sleep.

Sleep. You are still pretty good at going to bed. And you don't really get out of bed unless one of us is in the room. But? You keep waking (and waking me) to have your socks put on again, if they come off, or if Odg goes missing. I am getting good and quickly stumbling down the stairs and finding socks in your sheets or Odg on the floor. In the dark. Did I mention I was sleeping when you cried out?

Oh Maddy, you are awesome. You are kind (you let the greedy kids take toys from you, you just look sad and confused) but you are no push over (if a kid smacks you? You smack them right back). You are so observant and so verbal and so astute. So often your dad and I are scrambling to see what it is you are seeing. (Elmo? Where? There is no... wait. There. Hai  Elmo!). You put things together so quickly. You have never called every 4 legged animal a puppy. You know their names, you can recognize what they are (even when they are abstract caricatures of the animal). You are independent (like most toddlers) but really only with the things you can do. Yo don't demand to dress yourself but you will insist on brushing your teeth yourself, after I do. You are the most amazing daughter and we are so lucky to be your parents, to get to raise you and watch you grow.

I love you, my twenty month old Maddy. I'll love you endlessly and forever. Even when you become a teenager *grin*

Love always,


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