Thursday, July 21, 2011

And we're back to three! (five if you include the dogs)

Well. Hello there! Welcome back, me, to this kinda neglected blog. But I am back! And still stupidly busy. And still kind of lazy. And still drowning in stuff to DO. But I am back.

Friday afternoon Neil's family descended. And there were 5 people at our place (2 adults, 3 kids) and 2 more adults at my mom's. And it was WONDERFUL. The house always had movement and energy and I felt more active and engaged. I loved having a house full! Maybe I was a Duggar in a past life... But way too quickly they all left and the house was empty again. Monday, it was just me and the Madds at home. And the dogs. And it was... still. We spent the day lazing around and reading "BOOOK!" and watching TV and tidying up. And then Tuesday Madds went to daycare and I still had a day off to do errands (like an oil change and groceries and stopping for an obscure ingredient for a recipe at a specialty store). Those things that are hard to do with an active and curious toddler. And then it was back to work on Wednesday. And then this afternoon Maddy and Daddy were sick and home early. So one/both will be home tomorrow. And the weekend is only ONE DAY AWAY! Tomorrow night we have a wedding (health permitting), so baba is getting some Maddy time. And the weekend is already filled with errands and chores and stuff (health permitting). But, taking us back to LAST weekend. The Baptism.

Sunday July 17th 2011. In the basement of the Amenity Hall at my parent's retirement community. There were about 50-ish people and Uncle Tom officiated. And the ceremony was perfect! The food delicious (thanks to my mom) and the guests happy and friendly. I had a wonderful time seeing those family members that I never seem to see and visiting and laughing and forgetting to eat and losing my wine all the time (I eventually gave up). Maddy was such a well behaved girl, once she had her Odg in her arms. It was a perfect coming together of family and friends to welcome Maddy into our community. I made one mistake in seating strangers together. And forgot to thank my dad (ugh!) and forgot to specifically thank the people who travelled so far to come and celebrate with us. But, well... I never thought about a speech!

Now there are thank you cards to write and those everyday things we ignored need to be done. But I still miss my new extended family and wish they were still here. Or lived closer. I remembered how awesome MY family is and wish we could do more together. I remembered the importance of the extended community I live in and the need to visit with them more often. And thank them for being there. And tell them ALL how much I love them! Now that Maddy is here, it's even more important that I hold on to these relationships. So that Maddy can know a world filled with family and love and crazy Ukrainians and polite Englishmen (and women). I see many family dinner at our place in the future... and I can't wait!

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