Friday, July 29, 2011

Still? Awesome.

Yesterday Maddy had her 18 month immunization. Both Neil and I were stressed all day about it. But? It was only ONE needle. And then we're DONE UNTIL SHE'S GOING TO KINDERGARTEN! Can you tell I am a bit happy about that one? I hate the pokes.

Maddy was awesome. She stared in confusion at the needle as it went into her arm... and once the liquid started to flow there were tears. But? Extra special treats (toddler ju-jubes and apple juice) were enough of a distraction to make her forget. And there was no real mood changes. No need for analgesics, even. She was awesome.

Maddy is about 80th percentile for height, 92nd-ish for weight and about 92nd-ish for head. So? On the bigger side. But she's following the curve almost perfectly. She is awesome.

The nurse made a comment about her vocabulary, which is pretty large for her age. And it's still growing daily. I took it one way (the negative way) and Neil interpreted it to be positive. When we showed off her animal sound naming, which we love to do, the nurse said "My, you must work really hard to get her to know that". I took it to mean "OMG YOU CHINESE TIGER MOM" and immediately got a little defensive and denied that we flash card our kid all the time - she's just a verbal kid. Neil took it to mean, "Wow, you guys must really spend time with her and giver her attention". Maybe she meant something in between? But whatever the case, Maddy? She's awesome.

I was at the immunization appointment early (oops) and instead of waiting there were went next door. To the library. Maddy's first time there! She's now the proud holder of a library card. And mine is renewed. But Maddy... oh Maddy! I think she thought she'd entered heaven. As I was doing the paperwork she demanded "DOWN!" until I finally let her go. Always within eye sight, but able to walk around. Then she got to pick out a book from the drawer. Oh wow, that was exciting! So many to pick up, exclaim over, then casually throw over her shoulder. Finally we went to the kid's section. Books. Everywhere! And perfect sized chairs. And a computer with ELMOO! on it. Or ZOOO-EEE! Maddy was just overcome with (loud, loud, loud) joy. Daddy met us there and we had fun watching our girl have fun. Then? It was time to leave. We made her LEAVE THE HAPPY PLACE. We try the we're leaving in 2 minutes. 1 minute. Maddy doesn't get that. She only understood when we picked her up. Then it was all ear-splitting SCREAMS OF PROTEST! Neil and I just put our heads down and motored out of there, as the confused patrons stared. But, we know where to take Maddy on rainy days when she just needs out of the house! Awesome!

With no segue... This weekend we are buying our first potty. Well, not OUR first potty. Maddy's first. She's starting to understand when she poos and pees and will walk herself to the change table. I have no thoughts of Maddy being fully potty trained anytime soon. But we're starting the journey to controlled evacuation. Which, despite the fear... is pretty awesome.

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