Monday, January 28, 2013

Months thirty-five and the big ole thirty-six

Dearest Maddy,

Or, as you prefer to be called now, Diego. Pronounced DJE-go (like Charlotte says). Oh, and this letter will need to be signed by Alicia. Because I am not mommy anymore. And Odg? Baby jaguar. Daddy? Daddy Jaguar. At least his is close. You, my love ("I AM NOT MY LOVE! I AM DJE-GO!!). Yes, yes... Djego. You are amazing!

Oh how to capture you now?

You are a very determined little girl. You know who you are (Djego), what you like, what you expect, what you want. And you are still completely unafraid to scream bloody murder if you don't get your way. But in this determination is such strength and confidence! You are using that determination to try to read (your first word read was raft, then tag). Then you got a little shy about sounding out words. But have no problem informing us that the numbers on our garage? They spell "Maddy's house". Or often "Djego's house". You also use this determination to resist potty training. And we have stopped pushing it. I am pretty sure you won't be in diapers forever. Pretty sure...

This weekend we held your third birthday party, on Saturday. It was exhausting to plan it all and make it all happen. But the look on your face when you walked out of your room to a house decorated for your birthday? Worth every single second of effort!

And then the guests started coming! And the PRESENTS!! And friends and family and cousins... And you were loving every second of it! Until you saw something we did not prepare you for.

Someone else was playing with YOUR TOYS!

And you lost it. Screamed and screamed (even adults covered their ears). We went into your room, calmed you done and tried to explain it all. And then slowly integrated you back into the party. With kids playing with your toys. But then you and a friend? You played TANGLE (which was beating on the helium balloons until the bunch... tangled. While I held them. And got hit in the head, repeatedly. Until I had a headache.) But oh the JOY in both your screams and laughs! So worth the minor brain damage. Really.

But you got to blow out the candle on your ice cream cone cupcake (most amazingest way to serve cupcakes to toddlers ever).

And everyone ate (too much) candy and sweets - the theme was candy! What did you expect me to serve?

You will be moving to the playschool room as soon as there is space. Which is crazy to me. That you are almost in PLAYSCHOOL. Next thing you will be in grade 1, then driving, then in university, then married with kids... In a blink it'll fly by. Which is why I am trying everything I can to live in the moment with you. Just enjoy the awesome that you are (even when it isn't going well).

Because Maddy, no matter what anyone says, society says, those insecurities deep inside say to you as you age? You. Are. Awesome. Period. Listen to your mother. Er, you Alicia...

I looking forward to chronicling the adventures of three (and four and five until infinity!).

I love you so much my Maddy,


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