Friday, May 9, 2014

Month 51

Dear Maddy,

So late. So, so late. So sorry? You are 51 months old! And every month is more and more awesome.

Your crazy, crazy mom has done her research and picked you kindergarten school. For September.


But I wanted to do research on the schools early, then have the chance to check then 2 years in a row... We'll go to again next year. But we made the choice! I am a little in love with the kindergarten teacher. She is amazing! But it's tough, I wanted to choose another school (it was so much closer). But when you walk in, you know. And I knew. There was a time when I considered moving before Maddy was in school, but I think I am part of this neighbourhood. We're making friends, we're getting to know neighbours, we love the school... and the thought of moving makes me weep. So much STUFF we have. So many boxes... Plus, this is home.

About you Maddy. You started soccer this week! And it was adorable! This was your first time playing soccer, and you were insistent on carrying the ball in your hand. And there was a LOT more running than you are used to... but you had a blast! About about 35 you were in a little playing a little game, and you got TIRED. You sat on the field dejectedly. Coach sent you to the side for water. I told you that water? I soccer? Was MAGIC and would cure everything. You drank hungrily.

In my (sometimes lacking) sense of humour I thought of soccer games, when the limping and grimacing man splashes a little water and is fine, when I said that. But you, your 51 month old you, believed me. You drank deeply and ran back out. About 2 minutes later you huffed and puffed your way back to me and sicnerely said

"Mommy, I think the water is BROKEN. I am still TIRED"


But you loved soccer. And still love swimming. Although dance is less interesting... This summer you will get to choose two. Not three, that is too much (for me). Although you are getting the whole family more active. Last weekend we went on two "walks" (where you ran at a dead sprint the entire time). And tonight we went out and all four of us played a rousing game of soccer. Even Walter was in on it (and is now exhausted). And you are better than you were! Plus, it's good for all of us to be more active. Because of you, my love.

Well, one of the walks we went on last weekend was half walk, half BIKE RIDE! You got your first new bike! The Sparkler! It's purple and white. And you love it! Your helmet? It's a women's helmet. Remember, 51 months is just over 4 years old. Women's helmet. Yup.



But since your last month-day we celebrated Easter! Many egg hunts were to be had. At aunty Kathleen's. At daycare. Then at Fort Edmonton Park. And then at home... It was a lot of egg hunts. And Maddy loved every single one! There was such real and genuine joy in every single one. Every one. And I think that is my favourite part of 51 months. The pure and real joy and laughter in everything you do.

Even ice cream.

Happy 51 months, my beauty, my love, my so smart girl.

I love you,


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