Monday, March 31, 2014

Month 50


Only 5 days late... NOT BAD! Happy 50 months my Maddy.

What can we say about you this month? You are FIRMLY into the "Why" phase. EVERYTHING is questioned. Absolutely. Everything. Your dad and I are both trying to calmly answer questions and encourage your learning. Well, except when you deliberately troll us. Which you do! THEN we laugh at you.

And I am apparently firmly into the caps lock phase. I hope both of us grow out of this soon. For everyone's sake.

This is starting to fade, but another phase you have been in is the Randy the Macho Man Savage phase (aka the phase where you don't say "Yes" you say "ooooh yeeeah").

Do you want milk? Ooooh yeeeah.

Are you hungry? Ooooh yeeeah.

Do you love your mommy? Ooooh yeeeah.

Do I love this phase? Ooooh yeeeah

You also do not admit to not knowing anything. Instead of "I don't know" we get a very first consonant heavy "WHat?"

Maddy, why are you crying? WHat?

Maddy, what does this word say? WHat?

Maddy, why do we sleep? WHat?

Do I also love this phase? Ooooh yeeeah.

And we're also very deliberate in avoiding swearing in front of her. She's picking up on the swearing timing, but thankfully isn't actually cursing. Yet. We get "What THE?" in place of generic swear word. Adorable, more appropriate and a sign that we're doing well with the swearing avoidance.

This month we went and looked at your 2 options for school in the neighbourhood. There is one I liked logically. Then there is the one I walked into, that felt great and clean and I adored the teachers and principal and was light and happy. Despite firmly committing to keep you in preschool for one more year (you'll start September 2015) I know which school I like. You father thinks I am a bit nuts for looking so soon, but I wanted to see the difference between 2 years in terms of teach and principal continuity and... feel. Next year, my baby girl, you will be in kindergarten! And you are already excited for your new school.

This month we also signed you up for continued swimming lessons (4&5 beginner) and continued dance class and now also soccer! 6 weeks, outdoor and you already have to miss one week (we'll be out of town). I definitely don't want to over program you, but I also know how important being active is and how sedentary your father and I are. Our evenings consist of dinner, clean up then sitting and watching videos on the computer or TV as you sit. With us. I am vowing (when it warms up) to get more active and pull you along with me, Maddy. But in case this fails (again) I want there to be more activity in your world.

And a last rambling tidbit, before I say good night. Noms. Noms have been a part of our life for many years. They are your monsters. They come out of the furnace vent at night. There is a special spray we must spray on the furnace to prevent them from coming out. When they die their tongues stick out. One looks like Mr. Grouper. Yes, from Bubble Guppies. Mr. Grouper Nom.


Your imaginary monsters. Which we have vowed over and over to protect you from. And from all the monsters, real or imaginary, we vow to protect you from them all, for as long as you will let us. We love you so much Maddy. When you are trolling or stubborn. When you are funny and sweet. Sleeping and awake. We love you. Just for who you are.

Happy 50 months on earth, my big girl.


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