Tuesday, March 4, 2014



Oh. Maddy. I am not sure this is the right day to be blogging about you. And how amazing (and exasperating) you are.. Time for the REAL.

You are having a boundaries pushing day. Every boundary. Pushed. And pushed. And pushed.

Started off on an adorable note, this morning. When asked how your sleep was, you responded:

"Good! I slept 10 inches!"

See? Adorable! Then breakfast.

You had toast and oranges and a glass of milk, in an open top plastic glass (feeble attempt at foreshadowing, note the glass). We park you at the dining room table, with your LeapPad, where you slowly eat and play on your tablet. You have the attention span of... a 4 year old. Naturally. The LeapPad keeps you at the table (instead of getting distracted and wandering off) and gives me a chance to get ready while getting the most food we can into you. After about 15 minutes of eating, I came back to the dining room, to give you the one minute warning - one minute and breakfast is done and we will get you dressed. You then asked for a sippy cup, for your milk. I said no. There was one minute left, plus you are a big girl and you don't need one. I walked back out of the room. Two steps out the door and I hear:

"Mooom! My miwk SPILLED".

I walked back in. Milk all over the table, dripping on the floor. And the cup sitting upright in the centre of the milk.

"Maddy. Did you intentionally SPILL YOUR MILK??!"

"Mommy, if I had a sippy cup it wouldn't have spilled".


Um... WHAT?! Did you really just... MADDY! I fought back the shocked laughter and we had a serious talk about how we do NOT spill our milk. And now help me clean this up, child. I am not sure you expected to be reprimanded. There were a few tears.

And then the usual litany of "Maddy. Please, stand still. You need to put on clothes. Well, then you pick out your clothes, if you don't want to wear this. Maddy! Which shirt? You need pants. No, those are pjs. Maddy, if you stay still your hair won't get pulled as I brush it. Maddy, put your coat on. Maddy. Coat. Maddy, yes, those toys are awesome. YOUR COAT. Look me in the eyes, look at me. Maddy, I need you to pay attention. Get your coat. Thank you! Yes, you are such a big girl for putting it on yourself!! Maddy, stay still. I need to zip it up. Madeline. PLEASE STOP MOVING."

You know. The morning.

The evening? We were having dinner. You were sticking your tongue out with food on it. Not paying attention. Dancing around your seat. Refusing to eat what was on your plate. Finally, after many requests,  your father pointed his finger at you and asked for your attention.

You look him in the eye. Smiled. And tapped his finger with your spoon.


Later that evening, you wandered into the pantry and grabbed a snack. Even though we have told you, you must ask before taking.

You put the opened and half eaten raisins on table, looked up at me with angelic eyes and said:

"Mommy, can I pweeeease have a snack?"

Learning it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission... already. I told you next time you take without asking I will throw that food in the garbage. I expect to do so tonight.

Then brushing teeth, with your dad. You insisted on having the glass that you use to rinse your mouth on the sink before starting. Your dad asked you to start brushing your teeth, then he'd get it from the other room. You refused until the cup came. Pouted and huffed and threw toys. Then yourself to the floor when you weren't allowed to get your way. Which ended in you being carried out of the bathroom bawling and kicking.

And that was today. Seriously. No literary exaggeration.

But you are still so sweet and wonderful and funny and smart. Yes, challenging. But more importantly, just plain ole awesome. Even when pushing boundaries you make us laugh and smile. And your intelligence and problem solving is something you need to be proud of. We are exasperated, but proud too. We love you endlessly Maddy. Endlessly and always and forever, just the way you are.

Happy 49 months, my love!


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