Monday, August 8, 2011

I tried. I TRIED!

This weekend I tried to take pics of Maddy. I really really tried.

I started by trying to take some of her playing. She started bouncing off the wall, and I snapped a picture. And, no word of a lie, the kid looked like someone in an addicted celebrity's mugshot. I stopped the wall bouncing pics and waited for her to start running around. But Maddy noticed what I was doing and took great interest in the camera and the buttons. And then I made the mistake of showing her the rotating screen, and then she was able to look at herself and hit the button and open and close the flash and OMG! SO MUCH FUN! So... there are about 60 pictures of Maddy's chin and nose and chest. And then I took a few of her running around in her birthday suit. And, well, as adorable as those are they are not going on the internet. More like saved for her wedding day embarassment. So? I failed pictures.

But I still wanted to post! This morning it was about 645am and I needed to get Maddy up and her day started. We leave the house at 715am... I carefully opened the door and Madds whipped around and looked at me. I gently picked her and Odg up and we rocked and sang a little to start the day slowly. I layed her down on the change table and immediately she began naming body parts. "Eye, nose, mouff, haiw..." then oh what is that one called? Daddy just taught it to me yesterday, as she gently tapped my face. "Chin, Maddy." And her face lit up, as the word was said. "Chin. Mommy chin." Then we named arm and leg and finger and hair and ear. My girl, my love, my little thinker.

And, most amazingly, this morning my Maddy called the dogs by their names. She loves having them around, loves to say "HAI PUPPEE!". This morning she looked at Sherman, and haltingly said "hai Shew-mees". Then Walter walked by and I named him aloud. Maddy responded with "hai Wa-tew"... Yesterday she was eating some cheese, at baba and dido's place. I think she was done with the cheese and ready to move onto something else. She walked up to Walter, said "PUPP-EE, SIT!" and shoved the cheese in Walter's mouth. Walter was shocked and didn't have the time to respond. But she's learning the commands, she's learning their names... she's learning. And I think the dogs get it now too. Again, this morning (wow, it was quite the Monday!) Maddy was standing in the living room. Walter wanted to give her a kiss and started to rear up and try to get her face. Even before I could correct him, Walter realized better and let himself fall back to all four legs and instead just danced and wiggled in front of her. Maybe we're all learning, our crazy family of five.

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