Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random picture mayhem

It's definitely bedtime in this household, but I finally downloaded some pics of the Nunu and I thought I'd share some random fun ones! This is no editing, minimal commentary, fast n' dirty picture sharing. Ready? Set? GO!

 Showing off her eyelashes

 We let her pick her own snacks from the fridge. Sometimes she chooses... oddly

 "This is not the apple I was expecting..."

 Learning to "yog". 

 The reason we have so few pics. 

 She sees the camera? 

 And she has to come look closely.

 And press the buttons.

 And look in the screen on the side.

  I saved you from the sight of the blaring flash... 

 More yog! It's getting better... 

 Our newest piece of living room furniture, but it's a place for snacks and colouring. 

Taken tonight, as she insisted "PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!" to be let into her crib to play. There was stuffies and bouncing and flopping and many, many giggles by everyone. Well, except the dogs who pouted outside her door, as they are not yet allowed in her room. Poor pups...  

And with that? Good night! 

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