Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well hello there stranger...

Hi! It's me! Remember me? No...? I have a kid and stuff.

Things are still good. I went through a time when I wasn't feeling quite as good - just ignoring responsibilities. And they don't go away, even if you close your eyes really hard. In fact, when left alone they multiply. Like rabbits. But less hairy and cute. And less bouncing, more weight around your neck pulling you down. So, like any irrational person, I closed my eyes harder AND covered them with my hands. You can guess how well that worked, now that I am the mom. So the last few days it's been less ignoring and more doing and I am feeling less weighted down. Have I even caught up? Hells no. But I see the daily stuff being nearly where I should be and the extra projects are at least back on the radar.

One thing I didn't ignore? In fact, I increased my time doing? Tickling Maddy until she turned red from giggling. And playing "Ah CHOO". And singing and dancing. And playing ball. And being a jungle gym. And all the other stuff that makes being the mom of the Maddy awesome.

Pictures tomorrow. Even if they are the close ups of Maddy's chin. Promise.

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