Sunday, June 26, 2011

Month Seventeen Letter

My dearest Maddy,

Today you are 17 months old. Today Dada and I were talking about the Maddy that you were, as a baby, and the Maddy you are now. He mentioned he wanted to stop time right here and just enjoy this time with you for awhile. As awesome as you are now, every day you do or say or morph into something that is even MORE awesome than the day before. I am not sure I could stop time right now...

You are developing such a sense of humour! You will do things just to make us laugh. Sometimes it's things like let your milk fall out of your open mouth, because bad mum and dada laughed the first time, even though we tried so HARD not to. Or you'll crawl on our bellies as we lay on the ground and try to nom us. But you also are (already) pushing the boundaries. You have taken to climbing on top of the riding cars we have. We are pretty sure you understand that you are not supposed to , we say no and tell you to get down. But you insist on doing it. And as you are carefully standing, with no hands, you say with a smile "dow". Today both cars were taken from you. One on the dining room table and the other downstairs and you walked backwards off the car and nearly hit your head on the table. Dada's poor nerves just can't take it! You have so many words - daily another one. Nana (banana), "beaw" (bear), hat.. yet still so much frustration at not being able to fully express yourself. You hang (literally) off the countertops and yell in frustration as we scramble to figure out what snack or drink you want. But what you know, you are so proud of. You will open the grocery fliers and say beebee (baby), puppy (no longer bup), nana... whatever you can name you do. And it's awesome!

Today you were watching the creepiest show ever (Into the Night Garden). Well, I find it creepy. You find it enthralling and just sit and stare. But you were watching the Ninky-Nonk and I was taking that time to just stare at you. Watching you sit, topless on the carpet (you spilled a lot of milk on yourself) and play distractedly with Odg on your lap, while staring fixedly at this show. You noticed me staring and looked into my eyes. And smiled a quiet, secure smile. You know how much we love you.

And we do love you. So very completely and purely love you for exactly who you are and whoever you will become. You are our everything, my girl, every moment you are awake. But when you sleep? Mum and dada have fun on their computers, going out with friends... whatever we need to stay refreshed and the best parents ever, for you. And now? It's much past mum's bedtime and I must say goodnight. Happy 17 months, my girl.

Love always,


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