Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things I want to remember...

Daily Maddy does something that awes us. And there are so many things that I fear I will forget. My memory... it's just not made to hold moments for the long term. So? I blog! (frantically over lunch, but I blog)

We have started tickling her hand. We slowly run one finger in circles on her palm and then up her arm. Yesterday, at dinner, Maddy reached out for my hand and ran her finger in one or two circles on my palm. Then she quickly stopped and flipped her palm up for tickles back. She scratched our back? She wanted her's scratched back (and for much longer).

Yesterday morning when I went in to get Maddy out of her crib she was awake and laying on her back. I leaned over to whisper my good mornings and she looked me in the eye, held her palm out to me and pointed to it. I gently held her hand and lightly tickled her palm as her hand relaxed in mine. This simple act brought tears to my eyes... I remember, when I was a little girl, being woken by my parents and having mom on one side and dad on the other, both tickling my arms as I slowly woke. This time, I was the mom. I was gently waking my daughter, starting her day off on a happy note.

Maddy is always talking to us now. There is a constant stream of chatter (and constant motion) in our house now. Around and around and over and under and through... Maddy is a perpetual motion machine, powered by the sounds of her babbling. And while the sounds don't quite make sense, the one and speed and pauses? Sounds just like conversation. It's awesome!

She's walking more and more, when we go out. She MAYBE is starting to get the fact that she must hold Mum's hand when we're out. And if no hand holding? She's in my arms, or dada's arms or the stroller. No exceptions. No matter how adorable it is to see her trying to figure a way around it.

She's also spending a lot of time naming her family. Mum, Dada, Baba, Dido (and she's even syaing Dido well!). Over and over, she names her family. The people that will always be there for her.

What animal noises does she now know... Dog (bow wow). Sheep (baaaa). Horse (neeeeeigh). Frog (her own variant of ribbit). Train (choo choo). Monkey (eee eeee). Cow (moooo). We're working on cat (meee-ow) and pig (oink) but nothing yet. She knows the words tickle (tick-o), up (said... well... up), down (dow), all done (all doe), all good (all gooo), nite-nite (aka, bedtime said nie-nie). She says sit (pronounced shit. Yes, shit). And book (booka-booka). She knows kitty (ki-eee) and dog/pup (bup). And Elmo and Dora (Eh-mo and Dooo-ah). And the favorite in the whole world, Roger (Odg). And Mimi, if Odg doesn't come when called. She knows shoe and tree. And hi and bye. And baby (bee-bee). And cookie and cheese and apple (app). Nuck (which means milk - and there is NO correcting her). And eye (although often she'll point to her ear and say eye, other times it's to an eye). Nose and mouth are on their way. She's said bubble and red and yellow and octopus and other things mimicking us. PEEEEASE? is being learned as a way to get what she wants. And the constant "dis?" or "dat?". And then sometimes she's getting 2 words together - hai bup! I think sometimes, when she's not trying, it's easier to say things. When she tries to repeat them, she gets lost in it all. But if you sitback and just listen to her conversations, they are filled with the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard.

Dammit. Lunch over. More frantic blogging another day... And pics to come too.

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