Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I promised myself that next time I blogged that I would post pics. And then life got busy and the batteries died in the camera and the replacement batteries were waaaaaay up one flight of stairs and then we went away and then... PICTURES!*

 Lazy Daisy resting and watching TV. This is a normal Nunu just before bed. 

 Compared to this, a sleeping Nunu. Hard to see her actual size under her awesome Sleep Huggers sack. Colour chosen by dada. 

 Morning Maddy face. Every weekday morning Maddy has milk, toast with marmalade and fruit. Mostly because anything more requires thought and mum doesn't do that well in the morning. 

Maddy is learning about how to climb onto things. She's taken to standing on her dragon and rolling around on it. I blame daycare for teaching her to let her feet leave the floor. Or maybe just growing up... Either way? It's a different world with a climber. In the background you can see a dada and 2 bups, all relaxing. 

Maddy watching (more TV) from her little chair. It has since been moved up to the top of the armoire (for the reason in the previous picture). But she loved the chair and loved the fact "Doo-Rah" was on it. One day, it will return. We hope. 

Life continues to be good. We went to Calgary (sans Nunu) for a friend's 40th birthday dinner. And we're just spending the days since then catching up on everything that still needs doing around the house and also trying to get over a silly daycare/summer cold. 

Oh! The weekend before last we had family pictures taken! Check out a few of them here. So wonderful to have these memories captured. Can't wait to pick the ones to hang on our wall. Our family. Our happy, wonderful, perfectly-imperfect family.

* I have a new laptop which I love! However, I am also a wee bit lazy about installing even the most rudimentary editing programs I have. So? Pics are completely unedited and for that - sorry! 

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  1. thank you again for coming to the celebration! was great to have you. next time Maddy comes too :)
    You family portraits are SO beautiful!