Thursday, June 11, 2009

But what if I don't FEEL pregnant?

There have been times through this all that I have FELT pregnant (like when I was puking up a SINGLE chocolate covered coffee bean) but most of the time I feel... pretty normal. Yes, there are moments of light-headedness when I haven't had enough water. I miss tasting garlic (although salt kind of came back). I feel bloated and kinda fat (although I know I'll get fatter).

How does a pregnant woman feel? When does she feel pregnant? When the baby definitvely moves, I think then I'll feel pregnant. Definitley during labour... but right now I feel normal. Just overwhelmed with this all and what it all means.

I think I notice it most when I tell someone. I am so calm and matter of fact, because it's just a word on a stick or a second line. It's not that I am not excited and looking forward to meeting this fabulous little person growing inside of me. But it seems so distant.

Oneday, Sprout, this will all feel too real. Until then? I'll just have relax and enjoy the journey.

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