Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweet pea!

Well, according to ONE website I am 6 weeks. And since that sounds SO much later than 5 weeks and makes me half way done the first trimester and then I can actually start telling people... Well, more than the handful of peeople I have ALREADY told. Because I am incapable of keeping a secret.

I would be the WORST. SPY. EVER.

So, 6 weeks you say? We have a NEW FOOD! The sweet pea.

Sprout is starting to grow eyes, ears, nose, cheeks and a chin. There are little paddle arms and legs that are moving aorund. And a beating heart...

Also, I just have to say, Neil in his wonderfulness ALSO cleaned the toilet with the toilet bowl cleaner that I love the smell of, to get rid of the hamster cage smell so that if I had to go back for another round of sickness it would at least be more pleasant. He's going to make an amazing father.

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