Monday, June 29, 2009

New week, and we have a vegetable now!

I am now 9 weeks. It seems like it's going fast, but I feel better that there is still 31 weeks to go. We have known for a month now.

It's adorable how excited my dad is about Sprout. He just can't keep silent about it! And we are not yet ready to share with more people that we already have. At least for another 3 weeks or so. But then, once we feel it's time to tell the world, how to do it? A mass email? My facebook status?

I am starting to almost kind of show. My clothes are much too small now around the waist and I can't suck my belly in anymore. It's worse after I eat corn. I love the cheezies but I think I really have to pass on them for the next few months. They are NOT doing my waistline any favours (in more ways that the calories alone).

We have moved from the world of fruits to a brief foray into veggies (I have looked ahead... I know we come back to fruit later. Ending with a WATERMELON. Ouch).

Olive. With pimento even! We have now graduated from embryo to fetus. The basic physical structures are in place. We have a baby growing in there...

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