Monday, July 6, 2009

More time passes

It's amazing how quickly time is passing yet we're still in the first trimester! I am now 10 weeks along, making me 1/4 of the way through. Only 30 or so weeks to go!

I am still feeling really good and so my hypochondriacal tendencies having me assuming something is/will be going wrong. However I do believe I am just being a worry wart. Still no morning sickness, hormones back under control, weight gain not TOO much yet (although I am larger). I ahev to eat almost constantly to keep the nausea at bay. But if I eat too much? Nausea. It's a delicate balance of food quantity. I am still loving fruit and dairy products, but otherwise no other huge cravings. My only aversion is orange (especially fake orange) and there are still times I don't taste garlic... Whatever hormone is doing that to a Ukrainian girl is just MEAN! *grin*

And this Saturday is Neil's 35th birthday. Next year, at this time, there will be a family of three to celebrate... Sometimes it hits me how much life is going to change and how hard it will be at times. And that terrifies me... I am used to my selfish life. But then I think about this little person growing inside me, this blend of me and the man I love more than anything and I am already overwhelmed with love for him/her. It will be hard, of that I have no doubt. But I also think this will be the most amazing journey of my life to date.

We have the first OB/GYN appointment on July 20th and the Nuchal scan on July 27th. Once those are passed and everything is ok then I will start telling everyone. Until then, we've slowed on the sharing of the baby information.

I went back to my old Ministry today. First day back and it was almost like I never left... except for the fact that I am in a new office with a new job *grin*

And today we have a new fruit! I wrinkly little PRUNE

It's funny, today Neil and I bought some prunes (to aid in "digestion") and I held it up and looked at the size of Sprout. Then shared this information with Neil... that this is my hands was something the size of our baby. He grinned, leaned over, grabbed the prune and popped it in his mouth. That's even MORE cannibalistic than my raspberry longings! *grin*

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