Monday, July 20, 2009

We went to the doctor today

We went to the first OB appointment together today. Neil spent much of the time in the waiting room, well... waiting. I am not sure he needs to see me get all inspected (yet)! But I got weighed and measured. Even though my pants no longer fit and I have had to retire all my pre-preggo clothes to a box I have gained minimal amounts of weight. Let's say I have been heavier in the past than I am at this time. Which makes my "omg I am fat" rants have much less weight (pun unintended). Although my body IS changing. And I have to blame my higher-than-it-should-be weight on poor eating since my thyroid is just fine *grin* Another fun discovery, I have apparently grown 1/4 inch. I always thought I was 5'6" 3/4 and today I was measured to be 5'7"! Although they are using a new, fancy scale. That may be the issue. Or babies make not just my stomach and breasts grow. You choose. Otherwise mom is apparently healthy!

The most amazing thing happened today. On July 20, 2009 we heard, for the first time, a hearbeat. Actually, I got to hear it first. The doctor and I heard it during the check, then brought Neil into the room so he could hear it too. My first reaction was shock and tears. Which I think sped the heartbeat up, Sprout and me and are alittle linked right now. 158 BPM. Which according to "them", faster heartbeat means girls, slower means boy. Although my wonderful doctor (I really like her, so far) assured me heartbeats are faster early in the pregnancy anyway, so I shouldn't put too much stock into this.

Although Neil is absolutely convinced that we're having a girl. I was certain it was a boy. But now I am less sure. So many women have dreams that tell them, but I have not had anything. I think my belief it's a boy comes from the fact that I think it would be amazing to have a little boy, that looks just like Neil. He is the splitting image of his dad, from pictures I have seen, so if we had a boy it could easily look just like him. He sounded like such an amazing little man, adorable and sweet and smart... I'd love that in our child. But either a boy or girl, right now we're hoping that Sprout is healthy. The gender is really irrelevant. Although a daughter. That means dating. Boys. I am not sure I am strong enough for that!

It is real... I still sometimes struggle with not feeling pregnant. It's just (to date) been such a good pregnancy. Some nausea, some hormonal fluctuations, tiredness (but I am always tired). But I heard the heart beating. I heard evidence there is a PERSON growing inside of my body. And I have decided to stop cheating. The Bump link where I get the baby-size pics is down the last few days. And I am not officially 12 weeks until Wednesday, so we'll do that write up then. So I'll just hope they get working and in 2 more days I can celebrate the last week of the first trimester!

We have our first real ultrasound booked. September 28th, which is apparently about 2-3 weeks LATER than it should be, but the centres are just THAT busy, that we can't get in any sooner. I have to call daily to see if I can get into a cancellation. What a crazy medical system this is. But early September (ideally) we'll have some idea about the gender. Early September we go to Seattle with friends, we are planning to get married (quietly) and then we'll know if Sprout is a boy or girl. What a crazy month!

EDIT: Ultrasound is now September 2nd, but that is a almost too early. I'll keep calling daily until they get sick of me and I'll hopefully eventually get the time I want (September 10th through the 18th).

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