Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 13

Week 13. One place calls this the last week of my first trimester, another says week 1 of the second trimester. I dunno... I just know we've made it this far!

We have a new fruit! A little PEACH! A peach with teeth forming and vocal cords starting.

Sprout continues to grow and develop and move around (I can't wait to feel it!). And things continue to be going well. Next doctor's appointment is August 19th in the morning. Until then, we just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Plus, get a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff done. We need to get the door casings in, and the baseboards before Sprout appears. Find furniture we like for Sprout, get it, put it together. Choose a baby seat. Stroller. Sling. Get bottles etc. Choose diapers (cloth? disposable?) Get cute little baby clothes. And all by February! And then when nesting kicks in our house may actually be CLEAN.

I have been watching baby shows on TV. The amazing one is Baby Story. I cry everytime I catch that show. It all looks so amazing... and labour looks like it HURTS. But to have the purple, slimey little person placed on my chest will be amazing. I also read Brooke Shields' book on post partum depression. It sounds so frightening and overwhelming. I am not sure if I have a propensity for depression, but I will definitley be asking friends and family to watch me closely after the birth, in case.

There is so much to learn, so much to know, so much to read. The other day it hit Neil, we will be the first to introduce chocolate to Sprout. Grass, sunshine, baths, cars... everything. We will be this childs' everything for a number of years. And all we can do is be honest with Sprout and ourselves, try to learn from mistakes and do our best to raise Spout to be a loving and respectful person.

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