Friday, July 31, 2009

I wonder if this is their good side?

So, do they have my nose? Neil's? MY DAD'S??! (shudder)
The u/s was SO much more dynamic and clearer than these stills are. But my mom showed me a picture of her ultrasound and it was even blurrier. She gave me my baby book. I was exactly 7lbs. I was born at 6:16am. The rest? Not really filled in... but I am sure she had her arms full.

I keep forgetting I am pregnant. Other than the complete loss of my waist, I am doing obnoxiously great. It makes for little interesting to type in a blog.
Except today Sprout has decided to make all food taste horrible. I spit up my lunch wrap today, like a three year old would. It was just so unappealing. And then I tried some leftover food I had here. Also gross. So I am having water. Which tastes weird. That confirms it's just me. And I think I lost the taste of garlic again. My mom made more garlic toast (on sourdough bread). It tasted like... sourdough.

I just hope I am un-broken tomorrow at Heritage Days. I LOVE the food there and would be very unhappy if Sprout made the good-food taste disappear on me.

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