Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Officially 12 weeks!

Well, I made it! Starting my 12th week. I have known about Sprout for 7 weeks now. Crazy.

We have (officially) a new fruit! Sprout is now plum sized. Most bits and pieces are in place, at least the start of them, and it's now a matter of maturing them until he's ready to come out. Sprout's digestive system is now working. Which means there is someone IN my body pooing. And last week Sprout started to taste... poor little fetus (we are no longer an embryo, I am now carrying a fetus).

We have made new baby-book purchases (I think I have enough now) and a baby-name wizard book. I am still overwhelmed at the thought of NAMING a human being. And so far Neil and I do NOT like each other's choices. Ones he has completely "taken off the table" (or term for veto) is Nella. I have loved that name since University. He says it sounds like "Vanilla" and is a name of a cookie. Or Willa which is so pretty and feminine. Although Willa Birch kinda sounds like Willow Birch, with an accent and that is entirely TOO flora-ish. So any plant life name (Lily, Rose, Fern) is out. As are food names (Olive). And animals sounds. Neil tried to throw Quack on the table. I think he was joking but in case... OFF THE TABLE! *grin* We MAY have a boys name. Neil likes is, I love it. Actually, there are three boys names we're ok with. Which means it'll be a girl. That is just our luck.

Anyone have ideas/names they are willing to share?

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