Monday, July 13, 2009

I may be cheating...

One of the many baby sites puts me at 11 weeks today. Which is YAY A NEW FRUIT! But I am pretty sure it's lying to me. I think I am 11 weeks on Wednesday (officially). However I have been going with the new week on Monday so... happy 11 weeks!

We have a new fruit - a LIME

Sprout has fingers and toes, and is starting to use them to explore himself... touching his head, mostly his face and mouth. His little tiny, no longer webbed hands can feel. And this week, Sprout will begin to taste and smell. Oh no! He, too, will be subject to the seemingly endless gas that momma is producing!

So much new has happened this week.

This weekend Neil and I went to celebrate his birthday by buying me preggo clothes (he did get some clothes and a dinner too!). So I now have pregnancy jeans and one pair of dress pants. And three t-shirts. The most amazing thing about the pants is that they have no buttons or zippers or other fastening devices. There is just a huge band of material then the pants, that you pull on like sweats. It's strange but also strangely comfortable. In the momma-clothes store there was a practice bump, so you can see how the clothes will fit later. I put it on (and warned Neil before I came out) and voila! And instant 2-3 months added. It's going to be pretty amazing when that bump is actually me and Sprout.

Although this may be too much info (TMI), but I will share anyway. I can't help myself... I also got pregnancy underwear and WOW! They are so comfortable!!! So stretchy, so adaptive to all those hills and valleys. I'll have to stock up on these for after. That or hover around the outside of the stores, begging pregnant women to bootleg me just ONE more pair... one more then I can stop! *grin*

Also, yesterday we had bookclub. And at lunch I shared that we're expecting (a few of the girls there knew already) and in a crazy sort of coincidence, 2 other girls are expecting too! Blessie is due Jan 27th, and Sheeba on Jan 3rd. Three babies, one bookclub, all in one month. But it's wonderful to have someone who is going through this at the same time as me. Someone I can share ideas/fears/discoveries with who finds it all as amazing as I do!!

Otherwise I continue to feel good. Around 3 pm seems to be when some very very minor morning sickness/nausea kicks in (I know this is starting late - just last week). Other times during the day I just continue to eat frequently (every hour or so) to keep any icky at bay.

One (of the many) thing(s) that scare me about this pregnancy is the judging. Women feel the need to judge other mothers for everything from gaining too much/not enough/not at the right pace to how they choose to raise their child. I know that this is our journey, Neil, Sprout and I, and other people's expectations should not play a part of this. But (BUT!) as a product of my society I wonder if I am gaining too much already (I have had to retire all my pre-pregnancy pants, they just do not come even close to doing up) and that this weight is hurting the baby. I am trying to eat reasonably healthy, and while I am still not exercising I wasn't really good at exercise before Sprout came along too. Plus, I am now at the phase where I am not sharing that I am pregnant with most people (I will in 2 weeks) and I am not looking truly pregnant but I am looking larger. Coming back to my old Ministry people have got to wonder if I have just completely let myself go during the time I have been away!

But I have to say this (again). Neil has been more than amazing with me, my emotions and my constant need for validation that I am not so fat that he has stopped loving me! He has been supportive, responsive and so unbelievably wonderful. In return I am trying not to be some sort of crazy-hormonal woman (with some success). For example, yesterday afternoon I started to feel nausea. Too much shopping/walking? Not enough water and food? Simple car sickness? Whatever it was, I was feeling green. Without asking, without me even THINKING about it he went and got me a ginger ale (the ginger is helping my belly a lot). I am such a lucky woman to have this amazing man in my life.

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