Thursday, June 18, 2009

I cannot keep my mouth shut

I have told even MORE people. In the beginning Neil and I didn't want to tell too many people, just in case. But it's so hard for me to lie, it's so hard for me to keep a secret. Plus, me not drinking is something so strange to see that it must mean I am pregnant *grin*

But Lisa said something profound yesterday. By telling my closest friends, the core friends, if something does go wrong then I have a support system. Friends that I can share the happiness of this with and hopefully never need to lean on if there was unhappiness. Plus, it's wonderful to be able to talk to my friends that have children already - they know the joys of pregnancy and also can provide any advice on how to go about raising a human being.

I still feel wonderful. Tired sometimes (but not overwhelmingly tired), the dizziness is sporadic and getting better, my breasts are only a little tender, my sleep patterns are strange but I am used to it now so it feels normal, I am getting more used to the cravings (Fruit is my food-true love right now). All in all, so far, it's going well.

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