Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's like having a new dog...

Well, not EXACTLY like having a new dog. Maddy isn't house trained yet... but she IS learning new tricks! We've taught her three "tricks". Well, we taught her 2, she taught us one.

We taught her to clap. CLAP! She holds her left hand still and her palm outward and brings her right hand towards it to make sound. And we clap and cheer when she does it and she loves it! We also taught her to make a sound out of her mouth and then hit her mouth, to change the tone. We do it, and she'll mimic us. And then we cheer again! Cheering is a good motivation for her. YAY! (<-- like that) Tonight I was making the motion and Maddy opened her mouth and meant to hit her mouth... but hit herself squarely in the eye. Oops... next one was on the mouth.

She taught us to conduct! When Maddy is happy she sings and waves her arms above her head. We started mimicking her, and now we'll all do it on command. We'll say "Maddy! Let's conduct!" and we all conduct together. On Maddy? Adorable. On a mama with flappy and droopy arms? I nearly take flight. But if you concentrate on the kid, it's perfect.

Yesterday we took Maddy to the Festival of the Trees. It was a wonderful time! We sandwiched the festival between afternoon nap and dinner out, so we weren't there long. But it was glorious. Madds looked around at everything and LOVED the bubbles.

 She even got to wear dido's Santa hat! (Dido was volunteering there).

And next year it will make some sense and be even MORE fun!

Today we bundled up the humans and the canines and took Walter and Sherman to their yearly Santa pics at Petsmart. Walter was staring off into the distance but Sherm was captured in his hammy glory! No digital pic, I'll try scan it later, but we survived and Madds was awesome and the dogs pretty amazing too. The rest of the day was spent at home as I was in denial about, then eventually accepted that I am getting sick. Much liquids and garlic later I am hoping to be on the mend.

What a wonderful (but full) weekend and a crazier week to come. Wish us luck!

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