Saturday, December 18, 2010

What a crazy day!

Today was a crazy day! It was the first day we purposely skipped a nap for Maddy. She's been doing 2 naps a day for the last few months. But the last few days she hasn't been able to settle for her afternoon nap. So? We skipped her morning nap and are testing to see how it goes. It went... ok! She was showing some sleepy signs around her normal nap time but we played through it and kept the morning busy by going to brunch at IHOP.

And as an aside, wow it was GOOD. Possibly my new favorite brekkie place good. I'll see how they are once they are open (it was their training weekend) but yum! Grain and nut pancakes with blueberries and bananas... heavenly and kinda sorta healthy!

And then home for a nap. Well, the nap started in the carseat and stretched into the crib. About an hour and a half... which really wasn't quite long enough. But as Madds' nap started a friend of mine came over for a visit and we got the chance to catch up and then she got the chance to see Madds once she woke.

Another aside, I miss my mommy-friends... those women helped me through being a new mom and I am not sure I would be (as) sane without them. And I miss them so much. But life now doesn't make visiting easy... Maybe one day!

Then, this afternoon, we took Madds to her first birthday party of a buddy. One of the boys from Mom's Group. It was wonderful to see the ladies and see how BIG the kiddos are now. I find it funny that while Maddy was one of the youngest in the group, she's one of (or the) biggest. Ah, dada's genes are kicking in... I also can't believe another one of Maddy's "friends" is one already... I keep saying that she's only 10 months - it sounds so far from a whole year old. But it's just around the corner. So around the corner we've started thinking about her 1st birthday party...

We came home for dinner time and it was going well until Madds got her fingers caught between a mirror and a hard place (the wall) and WAIL and a meltdown. Soon after we started the bedtime ritual and she fell asleep immediately.

I think the one nap worked. Is it time for my baby girl to lose a nap? One a day, just like a big girl. Like someone with friends that are a year old. Like someone who is so close to being one herself.

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