Saturday, December 11, 2010

Photo update

With work and Christmas and everything we haven't been taking as many pics of Maddy. And the pics we do take have her in her pjs or sweats and a mismatched tee... but there have been a FEW taken.

Here's Maddy and the end table. The end table that she uses as chew toy. Those little dremmel-like teeth are wreaking damage on the finish of our (cheap) tables. 

A picture dada took of Maddy yesterday. Her hair is getting so long! It's now in the mullet phase, but we're not going to get it cut now. Madds doesn't like sitting still, I can't imagine convincing her to sit for a haircut! 

When I got pregnant we were so worried about this floor grate, and how a child would take to it. Well, she LOVES it. She sits on it, plays on it. Licks it. So, nothing to worry about!

If you look REALLY closely, you can see all 4 teeth (and the gap between the top 2). And you can see the excess drool on her shirt, from the teething. 

And here is the result of hurricane Maddy. Drawers open and empty. Shelves cleared. And then the magical part is Maddy leaves the room and when she returns it's all put away! Ready to be destroyed once again. 

Today we are heading to meet Good Ole Santa Claus and getting a few errands done. And maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to put the tree up today! And likely tomorrow we'll be taking it down because someone's little fingers are all over it but we're hoping the baby gate will save the tree. Hoping... 

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